September Update of Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview)

by Demian Borba

posted on 09-26-2016

After another month of solid feedback, we’re excited to announce that Preview 7 is available today. Check out what’s new by downloading it here, or updating via the Help menu (Help > Check for Updates).

Today’s update lets you:

What’s New in this Update?

Preview designs and prototypes on iOS and Android devices, in real-time

Meeting after meeting, meetup after meetup, on social and in person, we hear that designers need to preview their work on mobile devices. Not only to get a better sense of how items are placed or sized, but also to test the experience as a prototype. Seeing a design on a computer screen is one thing, seeing it on a mobile device is completely different and much closer to reality.

We’re thrilled to announce that we now have Adobe XD companion apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones (tablet support is on the way). No other app on the market lets designers preview designs and test prototypes at the same time, as part of one integrated workflow. All you need to do is connect your mobile device to your computer using a USB cable (wireless support is coming later), open an XD project on your desktop and boom! You’ll see your project reflected on your device, in real-time — no refreshing needed.

Please download the Adobe XD apps from the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android and let us know what you think.

Aspect Ratio Lock for constrained width and height

This enhancement allows you to lock aspect ratios while resizing objects on the canvas. This setting is preserved per object on the canvas.

Zoom to Selection (Cmd + 3)

You can now zoom to any selection. Just make a selection and use the new shortcut (Cmd+3) to zoom directly to the selection. You can also find the new shortcut listed under the View Menu.

Viewport height for artboard scrolling

This update adds a “Scrolling” pane to the properties inspector giving you the ability to make any artboard vertically scroll or not. Previously, scrolling was restricted to artboards created from a template. When an artboard is selected, you will see the scrolling options for “Vertical” or “None”. If “Vertical” is selected, you can also change the viewport height. The dotted blue line on a focused artboard represents the “fold”, the visible area before scrolling starts.

New transitions: Slide Left, Slide Right, Slide Up and Slide Down

In last month’s update, XD changed the name of our “slide” transitions to more appropriate “push” transitions. In this release, we are introducing true slide transitions where the incoming artboard slides over an existing artboard. This results in a slight parallax effect when the existing artboard exits. Check out last month’s blog post for a visual explanation of the differences in these transitions.

You can download the XD file used in this post or see its web prototype.

Unique URLs for specific artboards

You can now point to specific artboards when sharing web prototypes. Just go to the artboard you want to share, copy the unique URL in your browser, and send it to others. Anyone with the URL will go directly to the artboard you selected.

New onboarding experience

Many of you have already tried the Campvibes sample file, which is easily accessible from the Welcome Screen. We’ve revamped both the Welcome Screen and the sample to be cleaner, but more importantly, helping first-time users get up to speed quickly with XD. If you have a chance, check it out and let us know if you think it covers the basics!

Want to know what’s next for Adobe XD?

We’re working on a number of major features as part of our next release, which we’ll be showcasing and delivering at MAX 2016, Adobe’s largest creative conference in the world.

We’ll share progress on a number of exciting new areas we’re tackling, and of course there’ll be few surprises during the conference. Don’t miss it! The XD team will be there and we can’t wait to talk to you in person.

Make sure to sign up for sessions and labs for Adobe XD. Sessions, labs, and creativity workshops are where you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to stay competitive and the inspiration you need to create your best work.

Thank you

Adobe XD 💜 Design Community

Designers from all over the world are influencing how we prioritize features, providing fuel for us to rethink and challenge existing mental models, aiming to deliver the right value to our customers. This work includes tracking multiple feedback channels daily, including UserVoice, Public Forums, Private Prerelease (apply now!), as well as running customer meetings and demos.

Thank you for all the feedback!


You can follow us @AdobeXD for updates or reach the team on Twitter using the #AdobeXD. You can also talk to us using Facebook where we answer questions during live sessions, share videos and other updates.


While sharing your prototypes on Behance, don’t forget to tag them with #MadeWithAdobeXD and select Adobe Experience Design under “Tools Used.”

Adobe XD Private Prerelease Program Application

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Every month, we’ll select 50 people who complete this application to join our Adobe XD Private Prerelease Program. For instance, Layers, Symbols, XD for Windows, and much more, will land first in prerelease. Apply now!

Please download the latest version of Adobe XD and let us know what you think. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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