Getting Started with Stock Vector Art

When you think of the stock industry, you may be inclined to imagine a collection of photos. But vectors and illustrations represent a sizable, growing percentage of stock sales. If the idea of selling your vectors on Adobe Stock has piqued your interest, read on for our tips on how to make the most of your stock vector portfolio.

Designers always need fresh and creative graphic material to embellish both digital and analog creations. In the micro-stock industry, the key is to create files that can fit a variety of different messages and contexts. Your graphic elements should represent actions or concepts linked to business motives. It is essential to develop a personal style and aesthetic, which can be adapted to a variety of themes.

To be on the pulse, you have to follow the trends, or even better to precede them, to catch the buyers eye and offer them an array of solutions. There should be something for everyone.

Some artists are seamless pattern professionals, flat-design freaks, icons gurus, infographics nerds and some have to be all at once developing simple logos to entire brochure series. Find you niche, and own it!

One of the main advantages of vector files is their ability to be resized without any loss of quality. This is particularly useful when you need to illustrate very small screens, or the opposite, very large formats.

All your vector files must be easily editable in order to fit the needs of various types of buyers. That’s why all the elements, including the texts, filling, patterns, effects and filters must be vectorized. When creating your vector images, it’s important to group the different graphic elements into a single file to maximize the performance of your series and to facilitate the work of the buyers.

Remember to check your file format and its compatibility with the different types of software and versions. Your files can also be used as is, so the render must be perfect for a direct use too. Always add a background, even white, to your file for better compatibility and to group all your variations, colors, texts and languages into a single file. Take care when submitting multiple files with the exact same design with small variations, as this is regarded as spamming and they will be refused.

Finally, like any other creative content intended for sale, your vector files must be free from any intellectual property issues. You must be the exclusive author of all the elements used in your image, taking care not replicate protected subject matters. Visit our HelpX page for additional legal guidelines.