Putting Digital Ad Fraud On Ice

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 12-23-2016

How TubeMogul, a wholly owned subsidiary of Adobe, protects marketers from what may be the largest digital advertising fraud ring in history

Let’s face it: the holiday season can be stressful. Between managing travel plans, organizing festivities and finding the perfect gift, we all have enough to worry about in our personal lives without added worries at work. This is also true for marketers, who must balance their personal responsibilities with professional obligations that come with the annual holiday sales push and ensuring that budgets are spent by year’s end.

Fortunately, there’s one thing that TubeMogul’s brand and agency clients don’t have to worry about: falling victim to digital ad fraud. With the recent discovery of a highly sophisticated “botnet” that is believed to be responsible for over a billion dollars in fraudulent ad spend, many marketers are understandably concerned.

Thanks to TubeMogul’s robust brand safety tools and partnership with anti-fraud verification and prevention company White Ops, which uncovered the fraud ring, there was negligible impact on any video advertising campaigns executed through TubeMogul’s platform.


Learn more about our acquisition of TubeMogul here.

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