5 Poets You Need to Follow Right Now

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 03-19-2017

These amazing artists are changing the poetry game.

There’s something magical about poetry. A great poet can summarize our hearts so well that their message seems to tap directly into our collective consciousness. It flows into our souls and serves out the dose of chills we all sometimes need to remind us that we can make a difference.

These five incredible poets are speaking out about issues that matter and using their words to make an impact. Follow them and get inspired.

1. Aleah Bradshaw – @aleahsbradshaw

Aleah is a 20 year-old poet turned leader for poetry non-profit, Youth Speaks, who is using her voice to share stories about race inequality.

Check out one of her recent performances, “Questions I imagine my black child will ask me”.

2. Paul Tran – @speakdeadly

Paul is an NYC based spoken word poet, fighting to share the stories of their culture and sexuality. Their Instagram shares insights into the world of slam poetry, following Paul as they travel to perform their powerful work.

3. Imani Love – @thoughtsandkeys

Imani is a powerhouse of talent: a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is all anchored by her words and experience as a black woman. Her photo-series “Erosion” depicts the often lustful appropriation of a black woman’s body.The raw emotion and passion in her work is contagious – it’s hard not to be motivated by an artist like Imani.

Read more about her process, and how she stays inspired.

4. Sarah O’Neal – @atayqueen

Sarah’s Insta is filled with posts dedicated to poets and activists who motivate her to create. Her own work, including a chilling piece on Black Lives Matter tells stories of black women pushing perceptions around identity and feminism.

5. Chrysanthemum Tran – @chrystran

Chrysanthemum is a Vietnamese American poet and author who speaks and writes about trans rights, mental health, and her daily struggles and triumphs. Her Twitter feed is filled with quotable one-liners ranging from heartbreaking to hilarious.

To see more of her work, check out “Transplant”, Chrysanthemum’s emotional award-winning performance about her identity within family life.

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