What An Experience Business Will Look Like: Think Tank Luminaries Share The Vision

by Jordan Kretchmer

posted on 05-16-2017

During this year’s Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, I participated in an Adobe think tank discussion, “The Future of Experience Business.” You’ve probably heard that experiences are the new brand and that we no longer sell products but, rather, compelling and personalized experiences. Marketers are beginning to ask whether this a fad or the future. I believe it’s the future — and it’s starting now.

Data, Design, Delivery and Their Impact on the Experience Business
During this think tank discussion, I sat down with eight other industry leaders to discuss data, design, delivery, and whether they will impact the future of the experience business. Following are my top six takeaways.

1. Data Must Inform Design Content.

2. “Data Artists” Are the Future of Analytics.

3. Big Data Won’t Spark World War III — Though, Some Disagree.

4. The Term ‘Marketing’ Is Outdated.

5. ‘Experience Chains’ Will One Day Provide End-to-End Experiences From Each Customer’s Perspective.

6. Every Company Must Evolve Into an Experience Business — and C-Suites Must Buy in.

In Conclusion
Don’t take my word for it, however. Watch this Adobe Think Tank livestream we recorded at Adobe Summit 2017 — and get ready to ignite your company’s journey toward discovering, defining, and developing its very own perspective on becoming an experience business.

Stay tuned to learn more from my fellow #AdobeTT participants about creating your own experience business today.

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