8 UX Designers to Follow on Instagram for Inspiration

Instagram is full of user experience inspiration and who better to provide it than your fellow UX designers. From UX resources to visual inspiration, these 8 UX designers are contributing valuable and inspiring content to the design community. See if they’re worthy of your follow below.

**1. Jessica Robbins – **@uxmemo

UX designer Jessica Robbins takes a playful approach by sharing inspirational design quotes and thinking points written on post it notes. Her focus is on finding “small moments of big UX thinking.” They’re quick, snappy notes of inspiration that will brighten up your feed and gives you plenty to think about.

**2. Yael Levey – **@iamnotmypixels

Yael Levey’s account shows her enthusiasm and passion for user experience design. She shares candid reflections on her design process and the things that inspire her, providing authentic insight into the life of a UX designer and the thinking that goes into creating successful user experiences. Her page is a good one for tricks of the trade. It gives readers an educational and refreshing take on UX, often discussing challenges as they’re unfolding. She has a lot to say about user research and never hesitates to share her lessons with her audience.

**3. UX/UI Wireframes – **@ux_ui_wireframes

If you love wireframes, this is the account for you. With more than 30,000 followers, it is one of the most popular accounts we’ve found for ux and ui inspiration. Though it is not credited to a single one designer, it shares wireframes from different designers, curating them into one place for all your inspiration needs.

**4. Giga Tamarashvili – **@gtamarashvili

Giga Tamarashvili’s account features colorful user interface designs that will pop in your feed. Interspersed with occasional photos from his travels, this is the Instagram of a modern designer with a unique professional style. We like this account because it shows his voice as a designer, something that isn’t always easy to discover or express. By honing his technique, his work will no doubt appeal to designers who aspire to develop their own design flavor.

**5. Alex Buononato – **@alexbuononato

Alex Buononato’s work is spread across two Instagram accounts: his personal one featured here, and @becreatives—the creative agency he founded. Combined they are pure inspiration for the entrepreneurial-minded designer and those who are enthused by marketing, branding and coffee. The photography is on point and the quality of the visual content can’t be beat. If you’re the start-up type, this account is for you.

Another account that aggregates work from different designers daily, UI Trends is an endless stream of inspiration that will appeal to your eyes while also connecting you with other designers in the community. It’s especially great at featuring app concepts that show a variety of approaches to UI and UX design.

**7. Sander Crombach – **@sandercrombach

An Amsterdam-based ux designer, Sander Crombach’s account is ripe with UX/UI inspiration mixed with a dash of travel photography, a sprinkle of behind-the-scenes designer life, and a decent amount of flashy live music videos. If you’re a designer that works or is interested in AR, VR and 360-degree video, Sander’s account is a good one for you. It features conceptual explorations into the various disciplines and provides insight into where UX is heading.

**8. Bogomolova Anfisa – **@anfisign

Bogomolova Anfisa has lived all over the world and her posts frequently reflect her journey while interweaving it with her thoughts on user experience design, user research and more. As a freelancer, her account will appeal to those who are or aspire to be their own boss. She is candid with the challenges that come with being a freelance UX designer, but she always finds a way to be positive and insightful. She engages with her community and frequently asks questions like, “What drives you to experiment in design?” A very human account that is inspiring and authentic.



Who did we miss? Share your favorite UX designer Instagram accounts below. For more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram