New for Adobe Stock Contributors: Adobe Sign Integration and Non-Zip Vectors

Adobe Stock is committed to building the best platform for creativity, for both our customers and for our contributors. The latest updates to the Contributor Portal makes it easier and faster for our contributors to upload and showcase your content for sale. Less friction in the submission process means more time for creatives to focus on what they do best – creating. Here are the latest updates for Adobe Stock contributors.

Adobe Sign Integration

Releases are integral to stock. Without a model or property release, you cannot sell any content that features a recognizable person or property. With the new Adobe Sign integration in the Contributor Portal, you can now easily generate, send, and receive releases.

To create a release, visit the Releases tab and select the Create a release option on the right. From there you can choose to generate a release with Adobe Sign. You do not need an Adobe Sign account to use this feature.

Fill out the name and contact information for your model or property, attach a reference photo of the subject, and send it via email. You can change the language of the release, or customize the message for your recipient.

In the releases tab, you can see all the models and property releases you have on file, the number of assets you have that feature the subject, and how much sales you’ve generated from that content.

For more information about when you need releases and why, visit our HelpX page.

Non-Zip Vectors

Great news for vector artists – you no longer have to package your vector submissions into zip files for Adobe Stock! Just upload your EPS or AI file, and we will automatically generate the JPEG preview.

We’re working on even more improvements to the Contributor Portal designed to improve the workflow of contributors, and we look forward to unveiling those features in the fall. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Adobe Stock news.