Synopsys Expands Both Markets and Digital Strategy

Ask any company in the semiconductor industry, and they will recognize the name Synopsys. For more than three decades, Synopsys has been a global leader in design tools and services for silicon chips, as well as being the company with the industry’s broadest portfolio of silicon IP. The company recently decided to leverage its years of software design experiences into a new line of business: software security.

“Now that we’re expanding into new markets, we’re in a position where we need to introduce our brand to customers,” says Dave DeMaria, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Synopsys. “People need to understand that we’re not a newcomer. We’re a global company with a long history of quality and annual revenue exceeding $2.5 billion. We can be a trusted partner for the future.”

To connect with new customers, Synopsys decided that it needed to completely rework its digital strategy and deliver a website with fresh content for both existing and potential Synopsys customers. After looking at numerous CMS options, Synopsys chose the Adobe Experience Manager solution in Adobe Marketing Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

With the help of partner Hero Digital, Synopsys built its first microsite on Adobe Experience Manager in just four months. Creating or updating content in Adobe Experience Manager Sites is as fast and easy as dragging components from Experience Manager Assets into a mobile-ready responsive template. Jobs that once took a team two weeks now take two people just two hours. The result is a 40-fold boost to productivity while reducing overhead cost.

Synopsys is adding more integrated Adobe solutions to build upon its new digital foundation. Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, adds personalized search to better engage with visitors from different industries. Using the dashboards in Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, marketers can spot trends in real time and act on market changes quickly.

“The integrated Adobe Experience Cloud solutions deliver all of the tools that we need to transform our digital experience and prepare us for new markets,” says DeMaria.

To learn more about how Synopsys uses Adobe Experience Cloud to improve operational efficiencies, read their full story and watch the video.