Adobe Advertising Cloud Taps Spotify for Cross-Channel Audience Buying

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of an estimated 146 million global consumers streaming music this year. In today’s on-demand world, individuals consume what they want when they want it, and digital audio is no exception.

That’s why Adobe Advertising Cloud added digital audio as the latest format included in our cross-channel demand-side platform. But one popular streaming music service offers a compelling, full-funnel solution that goes well beyond just audio. To that end, Adobe Advertising Cloud is thrilled to announce that we have added Spotify as a premium inventory source for digital audio, display, and video advertising formats. Over 50 advertisers – including Dr Pepper Snapple Group– have successfully executed over 70 campaigns through Adobe Advertising Cloud’s DSP in a closed beta program.

“Spotify is one of the premiere streaming music destinations for consumers of all ages, and has done an incredible job translating that engagement into a compelling value proposition for marketers,” said Keith Eadie, vice president of revenue and partnerships, Adobe Advertising Cloud. “By taking a calculated approach to not only audio, but also display and video ad formats, Spotify has positioned themselves to be an instrumental partner for brands looking to reach and engage users across multiple channels.”

Spotify is available in 60 markets, and reaches over 140 million highly-engaged music fans. In fact, cross-platform Spotify users spend an average of two hours per day on the streaming service. Spotify uses first-party login data to create a 100 percent authenticated audience across mobile, desktop and connected devices. Furthermore, Spotify offers the ability to target by age and gender, specific genre or language, and even specific playlists, in order to reach users who like to listen to music tailored to specific activities or moods.

“Digital audio is exploding, and Spotify provides a true cross-channel offering with not only streaming audio, but also video and display ad formats that engage consumers in a natural and intuitive way,” said Brit Sundberg, programmatic media and data strategy manager, Dr Pepper Snapple Group. “Their integration with Adobe Advertising Cloud gives us instant learnings across both desktop and mobile, and allows us to deliver meaningful brand messaging at the perfect time to a highly relevant and engaged audience.”

Marketers can use Adobe Advertising Cloud’s DSP to purchase multiple ad formats across Spotify’s premium cross-channel properties, including 15- and 30-second mobile in-app audio with companion banner; static and rich-media display on desktop; and digital video on desktop and mobile apps. Adobe Advertising Cloud supports Spotify inventory buys via Deal ID-supported private marketplace environments. Available reporting metrics include: impressions, quartile completion percentage, viewability (display and video only), geography, demographic, and ad frequency.

Spotify is now available to Adobe Advertising Cloud clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Reach out to your Adobe account representative to learn more.