Happy Finish Creates Next-Generation Video for Today’s Audiences

Virtual reality. Sweeping 360-degree landscapes. These interactive mediums were once confined to expensive headsets and specialized theaters. Today, people can enjoy all of these experiences with technology that many consumers already own: a smartphone. Filmmakers, entertainers, and even brands are creating stunning VR and 360-degree experiences that astound and engage audiences.

Happy Finish is a global creative production house with its headquarters in London and teams in Shanghai, Mumbai, and Portland, Oregon. At its core, the agency is dedicated to excellence and innovation in visual storytelling. As one of the foremost creative retouching and CGI companies, Happy Finish relies on Adobe Photoshop for retouching and compositing advertisement for major brands, including Nike, Google, and Bulgari. For animation and VFX Happy Finish incorporates Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC into its overall workflow.


Expanded offering

Five years ago the agency stepped into the world of commercial virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality interactive content. Coming from a high-end sport and fashion imagery background, the team is committed to delivering the highest quality content possible. The interactive team leverages the talents and expertise of the agency’s world-class retouchers to help with cleaning up plates and adding creative ideas. The applications in Adobe Creative Cloud provide a common language and toolset that makes it easy for everyone to collaborate.

Producer Amy Tinker and Jamie Mossahebi, Immersive Capture Team Lead, focus on a variety of projects, from 360-degree video for desktop or mobile phone viewing and virtual reality for VR headmount displays to mixed reality interactive content. “It’s a very organic and collaborative team; a lot of the things that we create cross categories,” says Mossahebi. “Interactive media like virtual reality or 360-degree video combine all sorts of skills, from animation and motion graphics to traditional video production.”


Tinker, who comes from a broadcasting background, agrees. “The technology has moved way beyond GoPros on a stick. We’re now shooting on a set and trying to define the limits of post-production so that we can give our clients something that’s innovative, but also highly polished.”

Success with 360-degree video

The team recently found acclaim with a striking 360-degree film produced in conjunction with the Tate Modern museum in London. To help visitors connect with modern American master Robert Rauschenberg, Happy Finish created a 360-degree film that puts viewers literally in the middle of the Florida studio and residency where Rauschenberg lived and worked for forty years. The film was a critical and viral success, garnering more than 1.7 million views in just five days. By capturing audiences’ imaginations, Tate Modern and Happy Finish sparked interest in Rauschenberg’s work and drove ticket sales to the exhibition.

In addition to working with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, Happy Finish leverages the VR effects, transitions, and titling features from the recently acquired Skybox Suite in its interactive video workflow, making it easy for the team to work across project types and platforms. “We’re always sharing work, switching between computers, even juggling tools,” says Mossahebi. “With Creative Cloud, we can jump between tools, platforms, and people without barriers.”

The agency is confidently expanding its portfolio of 360-degree and VR projects thanks to its talented team of artists who all rely on Creative Cloud. “There’s always something new in VR,” adds Tinker. “No project is the same and every client wants something different. Creative Cloud gives us an efficient end-to-end workflow.”

Amy Tinker and Jamie Mossahebi from Happy Finish will be presenting in the Adobe stand at IBC 2017 on Sunday, September 17th at 5:00 PM (8:00 AM PT). Their presentation on Monday, September 18th at 1:00 PM (4:00 AM PT) will be live streamed on the Adobe Premiere Pro Facebook page (@premierepro).

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