Stock Content Wanted: Body Positive

The stock industry is an ever-changing landscape that continues to evolve and change with the times and trends of the season. We’ve seen the shift from stereotypical, staged images to more natural and relatable images. Another need we are seeing in the marketplace is the demand for diversity, both in terms of racial representation and more varied body types.

These images reflect the realistic majority of female body types as opposed to an idealized minority. As a culture, we are moving beyond this traditional perception of women, and as image suppliers to the marketplace, our goal is to ensure that the Adobe Stock collection supports positive body image and celebrates women of all ages, diverse body types, and ethnic backgrounds.
We encourage photographers, videographers, and illustrators to depict models of different ethnic backgrounds and body shapes. If you have this content in your archives, submit them to submit them to Adobe Stock today.

We’re looking for naturally posed, beautifully lit images of plus size models in everyday situations – images that celebrate our differences and reflect the real world.

Remember to include a model release when submitting photographs and videos that feature recognizable people. For more information on legal guidelines, visit our HelpX page. Our latest integration with Adobe Sign lets you send and receive model releases directly from the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal.
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