Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams—Creativity Meets Collaboration

Great experiences happen when design and content are fueled by collaboration between business and creative teams. That’s why Adobe and Microsoft recently announced a new strategic partnership to drive collaboration and creative services across the cloud. Now, Microsoft Teams will become the preferred collaboration service for Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud, and Adobe Sign will be the preferred e-signature service across Microsoft Office 365.

In an era where businesses and brands are powered by digital transformation, creative teams and business teams can’t afford to be isolated from one another. Great customer experiences demand unparalleled integration of business functions, the application of data analytics, increasing levels of personalization and the ability to deliver it all across multiple devices and social channels. Doing it right requires more content and applied creativity than ever before.

It’s a challenge we call content velocity. Overcoming it requires multi-disciplinary teams to design, iterate and incorporate feedback faster and more efficiently. That’s why we’re especially pleased to see the integration of Adobe Creative Cloud with Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365.

Designers used to working in Creative Cloud applications need to be able to work with the creative briefs that marketers provide in Microsoft Word, or reference the project timeline in an Excel spreadsheet. Business managers need to grab creative assets from their creative teams to include in their PowerPoint presentation. Managers of small and medium-sized businesses need to be able to do it all.

As part of the initial integration, users of Office 365 will be able to search for, preview and share Creative Cloud assets and Adobe Stock images from a tab directly within their Microsoft Teams workspace. Users will be able to search for images by keyword, explore curated collections, or perform a visual search. From there, users can license Adobe Stock images and save them to their desktop or to a Creative Cloud library.

But the most exciting capability is the inclusion of the Creative Cloud bot. The bot provides a way for users to retrieve creative assets from Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock directly within a Microsoft Teams conversation. Users can also search Adobe Learn content for help topics and tutorials.

Our goal is to help teams collaborate, communicate and make decisions faster. Over the duration of a campaign or complex project, these kinds of small efficiencies across the workflow add up to big time savings. Our goal is to build on this foundation and pave the way for huge efficiency gains in the future.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine a future where command-based bots in chat are replaced with AI-based creative assistants, capable of anticipating a team’s needs, automatically locating and suggesting assets based on the topic of conversation. It’s just one example of the types of capabilities we’re exploring as we redefine the future of work.

Starting now, all subscribers of Microsoft Office 365 and Creative Cloud for Individuals, Teams and Enterprise have the opportunity to try the new product integration. Learn more and get started with using the integration.