Let The Crowd Fuel The Demands For Optimized, Personalized Content

by Gina Casagrande

posted on 09-27-2017

Your customers’ expectations for optimized and highly personalized experiences continue to ratchet up. At the same time, company leadership and business unit owners have caught on to the business wins that these great experiences deliver. They keep asking you to run more and more tests and personalization activities. This is all great news, but it adds tremendous pressure for you to create more content — typically without the luxury of additional design resources.

This is where Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre and Adobe Target can help. Experience Manager Livefyre allows you to add extremely valuable, user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to your digital properties. Adobe Target lets you test and personalize that content so it delivers the best possible experience to your visitors, and helps you meet key business goals like greater engagement, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue.

**What’s so special about user-generated content?
**UGC, is some of the most powerful content your brand can leverage. Nielsen claims that 92 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations over all other forms of advertising. Evercore points out that companies see a 25 percent increase in conversion when they use organic images rather than professional product shots. And according to Forrester Research, 81 percent of all online adults read what other people have posted about products and services.

UGC is authentic. It’s real people talking about—sometimes gushing— about your brand. This content is gold.

And you need more content, right? Experience Manager Livefyre puts your customers to work creating that content for you. It automatically scans key sources of UGC that you can then display. And with a simple workflow, you can easily request usage rights.

For many of your visitors, asking them for permission to share their photos on a website serves as a compliment. It says, “our company really values what you shared.” That builds even more brand love. And in today’s day and age, brand loyalty is hard to come by.

**Make UGC more valuable with testing and personalization.
**You can make the UGC that you’ve added to your site work even harder for you by optimizing and personalizing it in Adobe Target. At the most basic level, test to find out if having UGC on a page — or pages — works better than not having it. Testing may even reveal that frequently updating customer tweets with images outperforms expensively produced, but static videos.

Be sure to also test for optimal location, too, and find out what source of content resonates most with your visitors. Is it Instagram photos, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds or some other source? Discover how they prefer to consume it — from a media wall, a feature card with an image and comment, on a map, or in a mosaic or carousel. Do your visitors like to see what’s trending with other users, and do they get more engaged when you add a poll that updates with visitor responses in real time? Test, and find out what works best.

You can take that a step further with experience targeting that personalizes the content based on profile data collected by Adobe Target, or shared audiences in Adobe Marketing Cloud from Adobe Audience Manager or Adobe Analytics. Here’s what that could look like:

If you’re in the travel and hospitality business, you may want to provide experiences tailored to visitors for hundreds of locations, and in multiple languages. In this case, you can personalize with geography-specific UGC. When a visitor searches for a specific city like “San Francisco” or “New York,” Adobe Target uses that search term to deliver both brand content and user-generated content that showcases activities, hotels, or restaurants in each city.

If you’re a major sports footwear brand, consider personalizing the UGC you deliver to visitors based on their product category affinity. If a visitor falls into the “running” audience you’ve identified and shared to Adobe Marketing Cloud, show Tweets and Instagram photos of customers talking about and wearing your newly released running shoe. When a visitor falls into your “soccer” audience, show them tweets and images of your most popular soccer cleats — maybe even ones featuring World Cup soccer players scoring winning goals with those shoes.

As a final example, imagine you work for a major national bank, and you’re trying to drive signups for the bank’s travel, cash-back, and student credit cards. Using the visitor profile, Adobe Target detects that a visitor loves travel, so you personalize the credit card landing page with a media wall from a social promotion you ran where current travel card cardholders used your hashtag. The wall contains posts about their trips and other perks they received as a result of using the card. Demonstrating that real cardholders love this card greatly improves the likelihood of driving more signups.

**Use AI to scale personalization of UGC.
**With automation, you can speed up and more precisely deliver personalized content to your visitors. That’s where artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities found in Adobe Target and powered by Adobe Sensei come into play. You access these capabilities within the A/B test creation workflow of Adobe Target as options for allocating your traffic to your various experiences — Manual, Auto-Allocate, and Auto-Target (Adobe Target Premium only). These last two options are Adobe Sensei capabilities, and can be turned on with a single click.

Auto-Allocate delivers the winning test experience to more of your visitor traffic as the test runs, so that you can capitalize on the returns from the winner sooner. For example, you could use this to test which source, presentation, or location is best — Instagram or a Twitter feed, a media wall or mosaic, or in the center module or right rail.

If you are an Adobe Target Premium user, you can choose to use Auto-Target, the award-winning one-click personalization engine. With this option, Adobe Target automatically delivers the right experience to the right individual at the right time, to better meet business goals such as increasing engagement and sales. Auto-Target uses sophisticated machine learning to determine which of the available experiences to deliver to each visitor based on all the behavioral, contextual, and offline data available.

**A solution for the content creation conundrum.
**With today’s visitors demanding optimized and personalized experiences, and business stakeholders asking you to test and personalize more, the demand for fresh, impactful content has never been greater. Sourcing content for personalization doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even have to be time consuming. Experience Manager Livefyre helps you meet those content demands at scale with some of the best-performing content — content created by your customers and brand advocates. When used with Adobe Target, particularly with its Adobe Sensei capabilities, that valuable content becomes even more valuable as you optimize and personalize it in ways that drive up engagement, conversions, and revenue. In summary, UGC + AI = ROI!







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