Announcing Adobe Animate CC 2018

by Michael Hu

posted on 10-18-2017

The Adobe Animate team is excited to announce the latest version of Adobe Animate CC. This new version simplifies animation workflows and gives artists the ability to create more realistic and interactive content experiences. Some of the new features include:

Camera and layer depth improvements

This release gives you improved effects to create realistic 3D experience with parallax effects, zoom, rotate and pan to create realistic depth in your animations. The timeline displays layers as well as depth panel.

Enhanced ease presets

Eliminate all the manual work with custom easing presets for classic and shape tweens.

More powerful timeline

An updated timeline makes it easier to show time and adjust time for a specific frame with time based markers. Extend or compress animations using timeline controls.

Actions Code Wizard

Animate a character and more without having to write code. Add actions to events for HTML5 Canvas with just a click of the mouse.

If you are at MAX this year, come meet the team. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks and see you soon.

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