Welcome Adobe XD CC

Note: This article was updated to reflect the availability of the free XD Starter Plan.

I’m delighted to announce the 1.0 release of Adobe XD today. Since the first beta release, we have been laser-focused on building a solution that enables fast-paced, iterative design – one that eliminates the need to jump between multiple tools and services, one that prioritizes quality and speed over the number of features, and one that performs flawlessly on either macOS or Windows 10 hardware.

Journey to 1.0

The public beta gave designers visibility into our progress, and the opportunity to provide feedback to help shape XD’s future. With over one million community members who have downloaded XD, we have pored over every single idea, comment, and suggestion.

If you shared your thoughts with us, whether it was via UserVoice, social media, or in-person at a conference – our entire team would like to thank you for being a part of this journey, and for helping us define where we go next.

What’s in 1.0

Design, Prototype, and Share: XD lets you wireframe, create low or high fidelity visual designs, define navigation flows and transitions between artboards, preview and share interactive prototypes, gather feedback from stakeholders, and export assets for production use.

Re-imagined for modern workflows: As you’re using XD, you’ll notice that defining repeating elements, masking images, managing colors, styles, and symbols, and staying organized with layers are faster and more intuitive than expected.

Quality and performance above all: XD’s top two features are speed and stability – from its near-instantaneous launch time, lightning fast zooming and panning (even if you have hundreds of artboards in a single project), and unparalleled stability across platforms.

What’s Next

While 1.0 represents a major milestone, we consider it a foundational release. Our ambition is to make XD the only UX design solution you will ever need, delivering regular updates with more features and functionality based on your feedback, all while keeping XD fast and nimble. Please visit my blog post here for details on what you can expect to see in upcoming releases.

Designers Love XD

We believe XD’s core capabilities, reimagined workflows, quality and performance all contribute to making XD a joy to use. See what designers have already made with XD, and watch how Boosted used XD to design a platform that connects their community members together. This is just one example of how companies are already using XD every day.

Getting started with XD

With the introduction of XD 1.0, now is a great time to design, prototype and share user experiences. We are committed to preserving its quality and performance with each subsequent release while adding the capabilities you need to create richer experiences and to collaborate with your team. Download XD for free as part of the Starter plan. We’re looking forward to seeing your designs – don’t forget to share and tag your projects with “#madewithadobexd.”

Thank you again for helping us to reach this milestone – your ongoing feedback and suggestions are gratefully received by our team on UserVoice, and you can always reach out to us on Twitter (@AdobeXD).