A Recap of the Top Summit Sessions from Spring 2017

by Natalie Lacuesta Byrum

posted on 10-19-2017

A Recap of the Top Summit Sessions from Spring 2017

We just held our Summit kick-off meeting for Summit 2018. Wait, what? I’m still trying to absorb all the goodness shared at Summit 2017 from this past spring in Las Vegas and London. So before all that great content gets lost in the excitement of planning for next year, we’ve pulled together a quick summary for each of our top Summit 2017 Adobe Target sessions. Give a read through; click on the session title to watch the replay video for great tips, real-life customer examples, and best practices. After all, thanks to the Internet, even if you didn’t attend Summit this year or were unable to attend a session that you wanted to, you don’t have to miss a thing. We’ve even included some of our top EMEA Summit sessions, too.

1. Traits of a high-flying optimization program**.
**Are you about to launch your optimization program or struggling to move it forward? If so, get on this flight path for success. In a session that often feels like part comedy routine, Ahmed Eleman of major Canadian airline WestJet details how his optimization team built and now maintains a high-flying program that tests booking flows and other areas for big wins — for example, a test of the seat selection layout in the reservation flow that yielded a 30 percent increase in revenue. Brilliant. Adobe consultant Adeel Abbasi complements this with sound advice on building a powerhouse optimization program based on years of private industry experience and helping numerous Adobe Target clients.

2. How Comcast transformed its marketing architecture for business success**.
**In this session, Joe Sanders from Comcast and Adobe consultant Arina Levchenko knock it out of the park. They clearly describe how and why Comcast completely rebuilt the way the company collected visitor data using a data layer along with the dynamic tag management of Activation. This new data collection approach delivered a single view of the visitor for more holistic customer marketing. It also helped the company increase its testing velocity, improve page load performance, expand personalization capabilities, and transform from siloed to collaborative marketing across marketing solutions. Learn more about how Comcast re-blueprinted its marketing architecture and the lessons learned along the way.

3. Building your mobile-first optimization program**.
**Are you pushing a mobile-first optimization program in your company? As a byproduct of doing that, are you hoping to build a dynamic, fulfilling career? If so, listen in as Summit favorite Russ Lewis gives valuable tips for building a mobile-first optimization program along with proof positive that doing so can help you carve out a successful career you love. You’ll quickly see why Russ gets asked to speak year after year — he’s got a wealth of experience helping Adobe Target customers succeed in their mobile web and app optimization and knows how to share it in a down-to-earth, understandable style.

4. Marriott’s mobile app: Driving revenue and loyalty through personalization**.
**In this session, Marriott’s David Menda and Adobe consultant Kollin Killian discuss how they optimized the hotel company’s mobile app that customers use to look for, reserve, and check into hotel rooms, and get on-site assistance. They wanted to buck the norm of 75 percent of app users stopping app use just 90 days after install through things like testing the optimal number of push messages and providing customers with personalized, highly useful content. Because app code is typically baked in and only changes with each app release, they also needed a way to deliver this dynamic test and personalization app content within the app based on real-time data feeds — something that had never been done before. They found a way, and Marriott provided yet another example of how they constantly push the envelope of what’s possible with Adobe Target.

5. CRO on steroids: How to identify and convert high-value customers**.
**When companies have invested years in building a strong optimization program, they tend to amass a wealth of practical, experience-driven advice to share. That’s certainly the case with Sprint. In this session, Lori Mabe of Sprint and Kendra Jenkins of Adobe describe three different approaches the major telco took to identifying its important customers — manual segmentation, along with Adobe Sensei-powered propensity modeling in Adobe Analytics and automation in Adobe Target. Then hear about specific ways Sprint used each approach to optimize and personalize for amazing conversion rate lifts and useful tips they uncovered along the way.

Top EMEA Summit sessions

But why should Las Vegas get all the love? The sessions at our EMEA Summit in London also had some great content that’s worth taking in:

1. Tap into the power of using automation in A/B testing and personalization**.
**This session should get you excited about venturing into the world of AI and machine learning powered by Adobe Sensei and available in Target. In it, my colleague Jason Hickey explains why today’s experience business needs automation to power personalization at scale. Then he describes the four flavors of automation powered by Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target — Auto-allocate, Automated Personalization, Recommendations, and Auto-target. By the way, those last three are available for Adobe Target Premium users only. You’ll learn when to use each flavor, and get a good sense of the possible gains each offers. If you’re not already using these automation capabilities, after listening to this session, I suspect you’ll be ready to dive on in.

****2. CRO on steroids: How to identify and convert high-value customers (EMEA version)**.
**Yes, it’s the same theme for the session presented in the US, but in this one UK telco giant EE puts its spin on identifying your important customers so you can cater to them with optimized, personalized experiences. EE’s Will Harmer and my colleague Drew Burns together provide examples of using each at EE, along with tips to help you along a path to progressively deeper personalization.

****3. A contest: True tales of mind-blowing optimisation**.
**Just about every year, we hold an optimization contest that encourages Adobe Target customers to submit their best test or personalization activity. Last year it was the WhichTestWon contest. This year’s incarnation was True tales of mind-blowing optimisation. Selected customers get to present their test onstage at a dedicated Summit session, and the audience votes for their favorite. Consider participating in this year’s contest once it’s announced. It’s a great way to get some recognition for all the hard work you and your optimization team members do.

Honorable mention

While the other sessions were the highest rated or most attended, I’d like to extend an honorable mention for a session that included a fantastic live demo of using Target APIs to personalize responses from Amazon’s Alexa. That’s Target everywhere: Power experiences across IoT using Adobe Target APIs. You don’t want to miss it.

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