The Sundance Ignite Challenge Finalists Have an Important Message to Share

Still from #Je_Suis_Kamikaze, by Mohamed Touahria.

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 10-25-2017

Every artist has a story — living within their sketchbook, their texts, their to-create lists — that they know when told, will have the power to change minds. Maybe it’s a look into your own life. Or a new way of telling an old story. Or a film that shows the world through a rare lens.

The Sundance Ignite Challenge is a call to all emerging filmmakers to share those stories, to create films that leave the viewer forever changed.

And this year’s finalists had a collective message that was impossible to ignore: film does so much more than entertain us. It changes our minds, our perspectives, and brings us into a world we never would have seen.

Watch the short films by this year’s Sundance Ignite Finalists that change the way we see things:

Alfie Barker, I WAS 3

Amri Rigby, Safe Haven

Andrea Porras-Madero, Out of the Shadows

Annabelle Attanasio, Frankie Keeps Talking

Ayo, Tower XYZ

Camille Bildsøe, Ms. Amen

Carol Nguyen, Every Grain of Rice

Charlie Manton, Nugget Love

Colin Earner, Rough

Crystal Kayiza, Why We Stay

Gerardo Coello, La Visita

Hannah Marks, beargirl

Jillian Banner, Sally and Bruce

Matthew Puccini, The Mess He Made

Matty Crawford, Addy

Mohamed Touahria, #Je_Suis_Kamikaze

Paloma Lopez, Singer

Rahessa Vitório, Saudade

Ramsee Chand, La Lucha Entre Cubas

Sidney Butler, A Brief & Concise History of Things & Other Things

Sindha Agha, Birth Control Your Own Adventure

Sky Bruno, Spotlight: Sean Yoro

Terrance Daye, The Colored Hospital: A Visual Poem

Varun Chopra, God on a Leash

Issy Snailham, Lux

These finalists are only 25 of 800+ inspiring and powerful submissions by emerging filmmakers for the Sundance Ignite Challenge. Check out everyone’s films before the winners are announced November 29th!

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