New Campaign Tackles What it Means to Become an Experience Business

by Adobe Experience Cloud

posted on 11-20-2017

Brands large and small are feeling big changes in business right now—consumers aren’t just driven by a quality product, they’re looking for a great experience. But as “experience” reaches buzzword-status among business leaders, it’s easy to miss what it really means. That’s what our new campaign aims to address.

“Most customers tell us that they get the concepts behind experiences, but they want to know how other people are doing it. They’re wondering how to get started. That’s where we want to help,” said John Watton, senior director of Adobe Campaign Marketing and one of the creators behind the campaign.

This Is Not An Ad

We’ll grab attention initially through a series of provocative ads that will remind readers that brands must think about much more than the product itself. One ad, for example, will show a visual of a running shoe with copy that says, “This is not a shoe. This is an experience.”

From there, we’ll tell practical stories on, at events, in articles, and other channels about how specific companies are working to create personalized, relevant, amazing experiences for their customers at every touchpoint. The campaign is unique as it’s made for customers, about customers, with customers. It will feature great brands such as Caesar’s Entertainment, Sydney Opera House, Carnival Cruises, Franke Group, Holland America Line, Pandora, Princess Cruise Lines, UBS and T-Mobile.

“Every company is focused on building great experiences for their customers,” explains Joel Giullian, director Adobe Advertising and Production. “Some are further along the road to being an Experience Business than others. But one thing is common: hearing examples from your peers (and competitors), gets you even more inspired to rethink and reimagine everything you do.”

What Does 100 Percent Programmatic Have to Do with It?

The advertising element of the campaign is an industry first, as we will manage the entire cross-media buy (including video, TV, digital out of home and even audio) through Adobe Advertising Cloud, an automated solution for planning, buying and optimizing media across screens. It’s our own exploration, which we’ll share along the way, of how to reach customers in the right place with the right message.

“Running the campaign through a programmatic media buy is actually a great example of thinking of ‘experience’ at every touchpoint,” explains John. “Programmatic media not only helps us to reach the right people with the right message at the right time, but also helps us avoid bombarding our audience or bombarding people outside of our audience. When done right, it improves the customer’s overall experience with our brand.”

During the campaign, we’ll share our own best and worst experiences with programmatic ad buying. It’s part of the bigger project—figuring out what’s next, together.

“We’ve made this into a living, breathing campaign,” says John. “We’re telling our customers’ stories, and we’ll share our own journey over the next year. We’re becoming our own case study.”

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Adobe Experience Business Infographic from Adobe

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