What to Get the UX Designer in Your Life: A Gift Guide

Holidays are just around the corner, but what to get the UX designer who has everything? (Especially if you’re not entirely sure exactly what it is they do…) In this guide you’ll find gift ideas for all flavors of UX designers, at a range of prices. Happy giving!

For the trend setter.

Lots of UX designers love keeping on top of the latest technology trends and innovations. In 2017, conversational and voice interfaces, virtual reality, and AI were the centre of attention. These developments will impact the practice of UX design, as we push into new frontiers in how we interact with computer systems.

Google Home Mini is a discrete option for trying out voice activated smart assistant systems. Image source: store.google.com

If your UX designer is always trying to stay ahead of the curve, try these gifts:

For the continuous learner.

UX is a profession that definitely requires a growth mindset and constant levelling-up of skills and approaches. Whether someone is transitioning to UX or later in their career, these gifts will be appreciated:

For the lover of tools of the trade.

Like any trade, UX design has many tools and approaches associated with it, and practitioners love trying out different options to find the Goldilocks, “just-right” ones for them. Here are some options they might not have tried yet:

The Livescribe Echo Pen creates interactive image and audio documents from notes and recordings, perfect for UX research. Image source: https://www.amazon.ca/Livescribe-APX-00008-Echo-Smartpen-EFIGS/dp/B00524DLZ0

If all else fails.

Maybe none of these feel like the right option, or the price tag is too steep. Never fear — here are some fail-safe ideas to save the day.

Everyone loves stencils! Not least the UX designer levelling up their sketching. Image source: https://www.uistencils.com/products/the-ui-stencils-starter-pack

And finally, for the designer questioning the implications of their work this holiday season — and all of the sticky issues around privacy, capitalism, and doing good by design — perhaps this 10-pack of Design Ethics booklets by Mike Monteiro ($50 USD) is just the ticket.

Happy Holidays!