#HolidayEmojiWeek: Mochi the Snowman

Learn how to make this custom emoji to uniquely celebrate your holiday spirit.

Mochi is a soft cuddly snowman made of the the first snows of winter, with soft powdery cheeks and eyes that sparkle with the iridescence of a diamond. Learn how to draw Mochi in Illustrator CC below.

Get all the design assets for Mochi the Snowman here.

Step 1

Use the pencil tool to draw the outlines of the melted snowman. Then use the Puppet Warp tool to add anchors to different areas of the shape to transform and mold Mochi however you want.

Step 2

Use the Polygon tool to draw a triangle for the nose, and then use live corners to make a rounded corner.

Step 3

Choose and insert an emoji face from CC Libraries. Play around with a few to see which Mochi you like the best.

Step 4

To start forming the hat, draw a line and use the direct selection tool to put a curve in the line.

Step 5

Draw a square and place it on top of the curved line to complete the hat outline.

Step 6

Add a red band in the hat by drawing a circle that intersects the hat and using the “intersect” pathfinder option to clip out the shape of the red band.

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