#HolidayEmojiWeek: Holly The Jolly Holly

Get into the holly jolly spirit when you make your own version of Holly in Illustrator CC.

Holly is sweet but can be a little bit bitter as well. People who don’t know her well think that she’s a berry, but she’s really a drupe. Learn how to draw her in Illustrator CC below.

Get all the design assets for Holly the Jolly Holly here.

Step 1

Use the pencil tool to draw criss cross lines in the shape of a holly leaf.

Step 2

Use the join tool to erase the ends, and perfect the shape with the pen tool. Add color to your holly leaf with color fill and strokes. Use the line tool to draw the center vein in the leaf.

Step 3

Use the pen tool to add shapes for contrast lighting on the leaf. The lighting effect is achieved with screen blending mode of 30 percent.

Step 4

Create a duplicate of the leaf and rotate at an angle.

Step 5

Draw a trio of holly berries with the ellipse tool.

Step 6

Now insert an emoji face from CC Libraries, and your Holly the Jolly Holly emoji face is complete.

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