#HolidayEmojiWeek: Sir Hopsalot The Penguin

Though not a traditional holiday symbol, Sir Hopsalot The Penguin makes uproar it in cuteness.

Sir Hopsalot the Penguin

Sir Hopsalot is a cheeky little penguin. He can’t fly, but he makes up for that with his vivacious dances. Learn how to draw this cute little guy in Illustrator CC below.

Get all the design assets for Sir Hopsalot the Penguin here.

Step 1

Draw a circle with the ellipse tool with an outline darker than the fill. Create a duplicate circle of the darker color to layer behind your circle, and then use the direct selection tool to create the outline of the face.

Step 2

Draw a square with the rectangle tool. Use the rotate tool to rotate it 45 degrees. Use the direct selection tool to form the beak shape.

Step 3

Insert the emoji faces from CC Libraries until you find one perfect for Sir Hopsalot.

Step 4

Use the ellipse tool to draw rosy cheeks.

Step 5

To give Sir Hopsalot a cozy cap, draw another circle to match the size and shape of his head. Use the direct selection tool to delete the bottom anchor point to create a semi-ellipse for the cap, and then add a curve to the bottom of the cap to fit his face.

Step 6

Add detail to the cap by drawing a rectangle and adding the lines, like a beanie with a folded bottom.

Step 7

Use the warp tool to create an arc on the beanie.

Step 8

Use the ellipse tool to draw the beanie puff — the final touch on Sir Hopsalot.

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