Scan Real World Objects into Adobe Dimension with the HP Z 3D Camera

Screenshot of Adobe Dimension with objects scanned with the HP Z 3D Camera

One of the big challenges when moving from an analog to digital workflow is how to get your assets into 3D. If your product design is already digital, then you can start from CAD files and augment them as needed for use in compositing or immersive workflows. But sometimes all you’ve got is the real object, and you’re stuck with a complex and expensive task to have someone model it for you, or use what have historically been cumbersome and complex 3D scanning tools.

HP is revolutionizing 3D scanning with their new Z 3D Camera, launched at CES this week and earning accolades including the CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award for the HP Camera 3D app. What makes the Z 3D camera so unique is that it uses SLAM tracking, allowing an object to be scanned just by rotating it under the camera with your bare hands.

The combination of HP’s Z 3D camera and Adobe Dimension opens up exciting new creative workflows. Creative teams can quickly and easily scan objects with the Z 3D camera and composite them into scenes with Dimension. This is a great solution at the concept stage of a project, when you’re looking to quickly iterate on concepts and mood boards. Or, when planning a photoshoot, you can pre-visualize in Dimension using staged objects captured with the Z 3D camera.

Check out HP’s video below to see the Z Camera and Adobe Dimension in action. You can see in the video how easy it is for the creative team to scan real objects and place them seamlessly into their photography using Adobe Dimension.

At Adobe, we’re delighted to be partnered with HP on this initiative. We believe strongly in democratizing digital workflows, making 3D accessible to all designers. We see the Z 3D Camera as a great complement to Adobe Dimension, allowing designers to scan objects or materials and use these digital assets in their workflows.

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