Adobe Reimagines Commerce Platform to Enable Experience Driven Commerce

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Shoppers are more sophisticated and demanding than ever. They are interacting with brands at all hours, in a variety of places, and across multiple channels. In fact, 73 percent of shoppers are leveraging multiple channels and technologies to support their shopping journeys.

Unfortunately, only 8 percent of retailers believe they have mastered the creation and delivery of omnichannel experiences.

At the same time, industry disruption and business cycles are accelerating. Brands need to be agile to compete in the hyper-competitive marketplace and systematically innovate to take advantage of new opportunities. Amazon, for example, continuously innovates executing millions of system updates annually while competitor utilizes a similar approach to rapidly iterate and scale. Both of these companies have implemented agile microservice strategies to support the complex omnichannel scenarios and dynamic business conditions encountered in modern ecommerce.

Introducing Adobe’s new experience-driven commerce solution

To give retailers the most agile way to make every moment shoppable, Adobe is proud to introduce a new set of commerce integration capabilities delivered as flexible microservices. These modular services can easily be customized and extended, giving brands the ability to support new business processes and deliver engaging omnichannel experiences. For example, an office supply retailer can create a new Internet of Things enabled process that automatically re-orders printer ink. Another example could be a manufacturer offering a new rental service that integrates with commerce and inventory management systems. The possibilities are endless.

The new microservices are deployed on Adobe I/O Runtime, Adobe’s platform-as-a service that lets developers quickly deploy and customize code. This enables developers to reduce development time from weeks to hours, accelerating the release of new innovations. Adobe’s commerce microservices are also versionless, so the integrations and customizations will continue to work as companies upgrade their existing systems.

Deeper integrations with leading commerce platforms

Omnichannel is not a new concept, but the reality is that retailers are wrestling with a complex ecosystem of specialized applications and custom services to support these interactions. Each of Adobe’s commerce microservices integrate directly with Adobe Experience Cloud as well as leading commerce and business platforms like commercetools, Elastic Path, and Magento.

commercetools is on the forefront of the transformational shift to microservices. Dirk Hörig, CEO of commercetools said, “We are entering a new era in commerce. Consumers demand to seamlessly transact anywhere, any time, on any client. Microservices accelerate innovation by enabling faster and more agile development of ecommerce capabilities. Our integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud will empower our clients to deliver superior omnichannel experiences and beat the competition by continuously innovating.”

Elastic Path has embraced an API-first approach to address the complex realities of omnichannel. Peter Lukomskyj, vice president of products at Elastic Path said, “Making every moment shoppable requires a commerce platform that not only exposes the right commerce functionality at the right points in the customer journey, but also choreographs personalized ‘in-the-moment’ experiences. We are excited to team up with Adobe to drive this level of innovation in commerce.”

Magento firmly believes flexibility and providing a complete feature set is crucial to win in the hyper-competitive marketplace. Peter Sheldon, vice president of strategy at Magento said, “Extending our work with Adobe will enable clients to take advantage of Adobe’s rich marketing capabilities to accelerate growth. From the moment a prospect is targeted, we’re able to curate a rich brand experience and execute the perfect order across all channels.”

Join us at NRF

Adobe’s new experience-driven commerce solution is being showcased this week at the National Retail Federation Big Show. Join us at booth #4351 during NRF to learn more and see the solution in action.