Hadoop + Adobe Campaign is the Latest Innovation in Big Data

Big data is all the rage. SNS Research reports that investments in big data will top $57 billion in 2017 and continue to grow by 10 percent over the next three years. And make no mistake, big data is more than just a buzzword. Companies are seeing measurable results from their big data investments with 80.7 percent of executives saying those investments have been successful.

With the broad range of use cases for big data spanning all verticals, it makes perfect sense. Customers find benefits by applying new capabilities to customer analytics, predictive analytics, customer profiles, machine learning, inventory management and tracking, and more.

Despite the numerous use cases, the reason big data is so powerful is because it allows you to ask questions that weren’t possible to ask before. For example, marketers are increasingly integrating machine learning, as evidenced with Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning framework. This requires massive amounts of up-to-date data about customers, typically stored in a big data platform, to build accurate data models that open the door to new possibilities. There’s one former possibility that is now a reality in Adobe Campaign — predicting the open rate of an email based on the words used in the subject line.

Connecting to external data is something Adobe Campaign has always valued, as evidenced by long-time native integrations via our Federated Data Access (FDA) technology with traditional database vendors like SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, and Oracle.

But now these connectors also span to big data.

Adobe Campaign is well-versed in big data, having entered that world with the release of a connector to Amazon Redshift in Oct 2015. After that release came another big data connector, this time to Greenplum. And now we have released a connector for Hadoop.

And this new connector is a big deal.

Why the Hadoop connector is such a fascinating addition to Adobe Campaign

Similar to how Adobe Campaign opens up new possibilities for marketers, Hadoop opens up new possibilities for data storage. Now that the two are together, marketers have direct access to their big data. The power that gives marketers is unprecedented.

Before, marketers had to build and maintain costly integrations to get data from Hadoop into marketing tools. But FDA in Adobe Campaign allows marketers to leverage their company’s data in place without complex data migrations and transformations, and use that data immediately within campaigns. Without the Hadoop connector, this would be especially troublesome for customers with big data storage.

Promotional campaign which leverages transaction data from Hadoop to segment and personalize.

Here are some great examples of how Adobe Campaign and Hadoop can bring better experiences to customers.

It’s clear that the combination of Adobe Campaign and Hadoop is a remarkably positive thing for companies utilizing big data. It gives marketers easy access to their big data to use how they see fit, opening new ways to personalize and thus drive better experiences.

Give the connector a try and see how it can improve experiences for your customers.