Photographing Modern Workplaces

Header image credited to Inti St. Clair

Adobe Stock customers are looking for content that show diverse people in authentic, real life situations. And the best way to capture authenticity is to take advantage of locations that are unique to your world.

Do you know someone who works at a corner coffee shop? Use that space and create great lifestyle content! Do you have a neighbor who has a welding shop? Get in there with your camera and let the sparks fly! Find a place or situation that is unique to your world and create content that stands out from the crowd.

Adobe Stock is a global marketplace and regardless where in the world you live, capturing local spaces and its people is a recipe for success — if you follow some guidelines to protect yourself and others.

Mat Hayward, Adobe Stock contributor relations and community manager and seasoned stock photographer, took advantage of his work space, the Adobe headquarters in San Jose, California to execute a successful stock shoot. We also invited three of the best stock photographers in the US to join Mat and capture their take on “Modern Workspaces.”

Follow the journeys of Adobe Stock contributors Inti St. Claire, Sean Locke, and Terry White, as they take the same group of models in the same spaces and create images unique to their individual styles. We also gave them a surprise challenge — see how they applied their unique style to the task!

In part one, the photographers scope out the space and prepare for their shoots.

Key tips:

In the second episode, Principal Evangelist Terry White and top Adobe Stock contributor Sean Locke use their unique approaches to create authentic, diverse stock.

Key tips:

In our final episode, learn from commercial advertising and lifestyle photographer Inti St. Clair how to use light props and interesting angles to create different themes for maximum output from a photoshoot.

Key tips:

See a collection of images from the photoshoot at Adobe’s headquarters here.

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