Adobe XD: Download Free Icon Kits Made by Legendary Designers

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to every UX designer’s arsenal. Unveiled at Awwwards in Berlin, Adobe has partnered with three world-renowned designers to create free icon kits to use in Adobe XD. They can be yours via download here.

Available now, the kits celebrate user experience design excellence and underscore the importance of icon design to storytelling. They were created by three legendary designers from around the world. Get to know them and the key to their design philosophies through their #GoodDesign principles below. Beginner or pro, this little gift from Adobe will make your next project quicker, simpler and ultimately better for your users.

Lance Wyman

One of the most revered designers in the world, Lance is recognised across the globe for his mastery of design art. His projects include the iconic 1968 Mexico Olympic Games logo and the map of the Washington Metro system. His #GoodDesign principle: ‘“A well designed icon is ‘visual poetry’.”

Typical of his past work, his icons use paths of circles. The result is a selection of icons with a unique and meaningful character that can contribute to a branding image. They can be turned into animations easily using GIFs, adding movement, and allowing the story of the apps you create to come to life.

Download Lance’s kit here.

Anton & Irene

This UX/design duo have received more than a dozen prestigious awards including Webby, Emmy, Red Dot, .NET, Awwwards and Cannes Lions for their work within the field. They have created dynamic experiences for clients such as Google, USA Today, Wacom and HTC, among others. Their #GoodDesign principle: “Don’t solve the problem too literally, allow yourself space for free-form association in order to come up with something less obvious.”

For their design, they searched for easily identifiable and interesting metaphors that are instantly recognisable for users. The icons are simple, without clutter and noise, and the amount of elements are reduced to the absolute minimum in order to make them work in small sizes. Personality and character is added to the set though thoughtful twists to each icon.

Download Anton & Irene’s kit here. Check out their work on Behance.

Büro Destruct

This groundbreaking Swiss design studio prides itself on walking the boundaries between art and commercial graphic design, with a breadth of experience designing icons, logotypes, apps for brands such as Swatch, Pebble, XXL Magazine, TCS, Digital Playground, and more. Their #GoodDesign principle: “Concentrate on balance. Always try and inject it into your work.”

To create their kit, the team focused on simplicity. A maximum dimension of 24 x 24 pixels per icon and just two highly contrasting lines – one bold and one thin. When working with such simple components, designers walk a tightrope. On one side, boring. On the other, surprising. Büro’s result is minimalistic, yet radical.

Download Büro Destruct’s kit here. Check out their work on Behance.

Also at Awwwards, Adobe unveiled a sneak preview of vector graphics support in Creative Cloud Libraries coming soon to Adobe XD. This feature will enable you to drag and drop vector graphics, including icons, illustrations and Adobe Stock SVGs, from their CC Libraries panel in XD to their canvas, making your next project simpler than ever. Learn more below:

Watch all the action from Awwwards in this Adobe Live on demand: