Use Mobile Experiences to Simplify Consumers’ Lives

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by Gustavo Mazal

posted on 02-12-2018

What are consumers expecting from mobile experiences? Data suggests that consumers are expecting mobile to be easy to use and that it simplifies their lives. Specifically on mobile apps, with so many options out there and limited memory capacity, mobile app users don’t hesitate to replace poor mobile experiences with other alternatives that better satisfy their needs.

For marketers, this means brands must deliver timely, relevant and personalized mobile experiences that delight customers, drive ROI and beat the competition. The most effective shortcut to get there is to anticipate consumer needs and deliver accordingly. Understanding customer journeys and taking advantage of modern technologies can help brands to do so. For instance, some airlines are anticipating consumer needs by using push notifications to notify travelers of a gate change in the airport.

Furthermore, in this quest for better, mobile-first experiences, enterprises should be thinking on how to eliminate pain points and how to anticipate individual customer needs by leveraging emerging technologies, such as virtual assistants, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

To stay ahead of the curve, enterprises need to shift from a self-serve mobile strategy to a proactive and personalized approach at scale. This may require integrating data from multiple sources (CRM, in-store, mobile, etc.) and using predictive analytics and AI to feed their automation platform, which should determine target consumers, content, channel, and timing of campaigns.

Despite all the technologies available in the market, many enterprises are lagging behind the competition because their mobile strategies are not following current trends; they are still building mobile apps and websites expecting customers to take the time to self-serve themselves; whether a consumer wants to book a hotel, buy a movie or a pair of shoes, she needs to browse through a variety of mobile apps and websites to find the right solution to her problem, and then follow a series of steps to get the job done. But, what worked yesterday will not be enough tomorrow.

But, what if you could recommend the right hotel, or shoes, or movie, to the right individual, at the right time and place? What if we told you that it is possible?

At Adobe we not only recognize these customer-centered trends but also ignite them by constantly innovating on our end-to-end mobile solutions in the Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe’s mobile solutions cover the entire spectrum of the customer journey—from acquiring and engaging mobile users, to analyzing and predicting behaviors, and optimizing and delivering the right mobile experience, all powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI powerhouse.

In collaboration with Adobe, brands such as Marriott and Major League Baseball, can manage cross-channel customer journeys in one place, and deliver data-driven mobile experiences that anticipate customer needs and simplify lives.

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