Adobe Named One of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” for AI

Fast Company just released its annual ranking of the world’s Most Innovative Companies for 2018 and we’re excited to be featured on its Top 10 list in the “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) category – alongside other visionary tech companies like Microsoft, NVIDIA and Pinterest. Fast Company’s Top 10 lists “recognize pioneering companies across 36 categories.” We were showcased for “mastering character animation and image matching for creative professionals” given our work with Adobe Sensei – our AI and machine learning platform – which puts AI at the center of creating and delivering amazing customer experiences. According to the publication, “More than three dozen Fast Company editors, reporters, and contributors surveyed thousands of companies—many of which were identified by a new Most Innovative Companies submission process—to create these lists.

When it comes to “mastering character animation and image matching for creative professionals,” Adobe Sensei plays a key role. For example, Aesthetic Filters in Adobe Stock leverage Adobe Sensei to let users quickly refine search results by applying filters like Depth of Field and Vivid Color – significantly saving time and improving workflow efficiency. Also, Adobe Character Animator CC simplifies the animation process by giving artists the flexibility they need to deliver expressive, high-quality, live animations (as seen on The Late Show and The Simpsons) – with the Adobe Sensei-powered lip-sync algorithm selecting the best mouth shapes to correspond with spoken sounds.

We’ve always focused on looking around the corner – inventing and building deep new technologies in Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud that advance the design and delivery of digital experiences. The blending of art and science is deeply embedded in our DNA, and it is what drives us every day to innovate. Adobe Sensei represents the next major chapter in this mission and it’s one of the biggest generational bets for the company. Today, there are more than 100 Sensei-powered capabilities in-product or in our pipeline across the company. These features are helping our customers work smarter, faster, more efficiently and effectively – whether they’re designing an app, enhancing an image, understanding meaning and sentiment in a PDF, editing a film, or launching a marketing campaign.

AI and machine learning undoubtedly represent the most disruptive technological paradigm shift of the next decade – impacting our personal and professional lives. From AI-powered robots to voice assistants and self-driving cars, AI is changing the world, so we are aggressively embracing this future with Adobe Sensei. However, our fundamental belief is that Adobe Sensei will amplify human intelligence and creativity – not replace it – and free you from performing mundane tasks. As our CTO Abhay Parasnis has said, “Adobe Sensei will continue tackling complex experience challenges for our customers. Our deep, focused integration of AI is driving rapid innovation for us in developing new technologies that advance the future of experiences – empowering our customers to be more creative and innovative.”

Stay tuned for news and innovations around Adobe Sensei coming up at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas (March 25-29).