A Guide to the Personalization Track at 2018 Adobe Summit

Believe it or not, 2018 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas is just around the corner. Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work curating a great Personalization track for attendees. With so many great customer stories, innovations, and best practices being shared in these sessions, it can be hard to figure out which ones to attend. This post intends to help you make those decisions by providing a quick rundown of the personalization-related sessions at Summit, along with the great companies that will be sharing their successes in those sessions.

The main focus areas for the Personalization track

This year several themes emerged from our sessions. Some are ones that you simply expect to see year after year — others reflect emerging trends shaping the future of personalization. This year’s themes include:

But woven in the fabric of almost every session — even as the sole focus of one session — are the successes our customers are experiencing and the lessons they’ve learned as they grow their personalization and optimization practices.

So with that, here’s my guide to the personalization sessions at Summit.

The future is now: Artificial intelligence (AI) and everywhere personalization

AI-driven personalization is no longer on the horizon. Companies are using it to personalize at scale using the truckloads of customer data that just keep rolling in. All that data, a new generation of highly effective machine-learning algorithms, and the computing power to process that data through those algorithms in the blink of an eye — these not only enable us to personalize as much as and where we like, they also let us do it better. These sessions highlight the power of and opportunities for AI in testing and personalization.

Recommended Sessions

Building and maturing a powerful personalization and optimization program

What makes a personalization and optimization program really take off? Yes, it’s the technology, but the heart and soul of it comes from the people that run the program, with the ideas they bring to the table and the ways they convince people at all levels of what the program can do for the business. In these sessions, Adobe Target customers and experts share strategies, tactics, and even calculations they’ve executed to build strong optimization programs that drive real business results.

Recommended Sessions

Giving mobile personalization and experience optimization its due

While a lot of talk this year has centered on using AI in personalization and optimization, that doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the ball when it comes to mobile. It’s actually more important than ever, as this year’s visits to brands online from mobile surpassed those from desktop. In these sessions, learn strategies and tactics for optimizing and personalizing mobile sites and apps from experts in this space.

Recommended Sessions

You really need no explanation for these sessions. They provide real, hands-on tips to help you achieve even more ROI from Adobe Target.

Recommended Sessions

Discovering concrete value from Adobe Experience Cloud integrations

It’s time to change from a mindset of Adobe Experience Cloud as theoretical rather than the real, connected platform of synergistic solutions that it is. These sessions demonstrate in no uncertain terms that being a solution in Adobe Experience Cloud enables Adobe Target to offer real value in ways that it simply couldn’t as a standalone solution.

Recommended Sessions

Last, but not least

These last two sessions don’t quite fit into the previous categories. One is an iteration of one of our most popular sessions from previous years — our annual customer success stories contest. The other is to highlight the role that site search can and increasingly will play in your personalization efforts.

Recommended Sessions

Don’t forget the Hands-on Labs!

Don’t forget to look through the Hands-on Labs. We have the following labs focused on personalization and optimization that you may want to sign up for:

I look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas next month!

* Entries for Adobe Experience Awards are accepted through February 25, 2018. Enter the competition here. Adobe Target users are eligible to compete for two product-specific awards: Excellence in AI-Powered Personalization and Excellence in Business Impact Through Optimization.

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