Marin County Makes Big Progress Toward Becoming Paperless

Adobe Stock / Solisimages

Today’s consumer is accustomed to doing almost everything online—from buying to banking, booking, and more. That mindset doesn’t change just because the consumer steps into the role of county resident. The local government of Marin County, California, understands that its 260,000 residents are far more likely to engage with the county and enjoy that experience if the county makes it convenient and easy for them to do so. One of the key ways the county is fostering this engagement is by allowing residents to perform what have often been paper-based tasks using online electronic workflows.

After the county’s Information Services and Technology (IST) department saw a demo of Adobe Experience Manager Forms, the department realized that the Adobe Marketing Cloud solution could enable the county to make a bigger shift to electronic forms by addressing several key challenges. First, county staff would be able to quickly and easily create electronic forms. Also, county’s residents could do business with the county via these forms anytime and from just about anywhere on almost any device. Lastly, it would speed up workflows like issue resolution by taking advantage of backend integrations of the Adobe solution with the county’s various databases.

The county implemented Adobe Experience Manager Forms, and almost immediately began experiencing the anticipated benefits. County staff quickly learned how to build needed forms that adapt to numerous screens and devices with the solution’s reusable templates and components. In fact, staff members exceeded their first year form creation goals.

Residents readily began using the forms, electronically filling and submitting forms for consumer complaints, park incident reports, vote-by-mail applications, and others. These submissions simplify county workflows, as the backend integrations of the Adobe solution makes sure that forms automatically dropped into the right databases. As a result, various staff members have almost instant access to the form information to promptly address any associated need.

Expanding the county’s ability to offer online services is a key part of the county’s 5-Year Business Plan. Rwena Holaday, Assistant Director of IT for Marin County says, “My long-term vision for Marin County is for us to become a paperless county. Adobe Experience Manager Forms was the first step in helping us offer convenient self-serve, online services for the public.”