Watch all the Sneaks Shown on Stage at Summit 2018

Comedian and actress Leslie Jones throws custom t-shirts into the crowd at “Sneaks” during Adobe Summit on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, in Las Vegas.

Our Sneaks sessions at Summit and MAX are always hits – some of our super smart developers from our labs take center stage in a series of four-minute demos that provide an entertaining look into future technology at Adobe. Audience favorites often become product offerings, like Smart Tags in Adobe Marketing Cloud and Anomaly Detection in Adobe Analytics Cloud. This year’s sneaks were co-hosted by SNL’s Leslie Jones and Adobe’s Steve Hammond, senior director of strategy and innovation. From telling Steve that there’s no such thing as magic to calling a lot of the sneaks “hashtag dope,” Leslie had us laughing the whole time.

Unlike our keynotes that we livestream, Sneaks is a session exclusive to those attending Summit in person, but we’re making videos of all the sneaks available for those who couldn’t be there with us. Check out all the sneaks shown on stage at Summit 2018 with video replays:


Experience Analytics uses the power of Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace to analyze all aspects of experiences including websites or apps not owned by a marketer or organization.


Master Plan enables brands to plan and coordinate multi-channel campaigns and initiatives like never before. With a centralized calendar and cross-channel composer, campaign managers can view and plan all channel activities across previously siloed teams and disparate channel solutions, tapping the power of Adobe Sensei to help free up time orchestration and coordination efforts to focus on other demands.


What if marketers could automatically determine the most effective, uniquely tailored journey for each and every customer? Perfect Path, which will leverage Adobe Sensei, does just that. It creates an “experience graph” that maps out every possible customer journey. Taking into consideration objectives and target audiences, Adobe Sensei automatically recommends the optimal journey for each individual.


See and Shop is a metadata-based service that makes every image shoppable and enables brands to connect with shoppers in the moment, making it easier to buy online, wherever they are.


Intelligent Content Insights enables automatic extraction of content insights data from digital assets. It uses machine learning to group assets along themes and topics, so that marketers can more easily make conclusions about which attributes of the content are resonating with their audiences.


Video Ad AI gives video advertisers the power of AI to improve their video ad performance through predictive performance modeling and recommendations. The recommendations to improve the ad’s effectiveness score (i.e., changing length and flow of the video) are sent to video advertisers in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, along with the original ad, for editing. Advertisers can adjust the ad to retain creative elements, while aligning with the marketing objectives to deliver high-performing content.


Tag management of website content enables marketers to organize their content and measure its effectiveness. It is arguably one of the most critical but least glamourous tasks. Launch It uses the power of AI and natural language processing to scan your site, identify key pages and actions, then recommend tagging rules for data capture.

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