Everything You Need to Build a Financial Services and Cryptocurrency App in Adobe XD

From bank apps to money transfers to online shopping apps, digital products have to work with multiple currencies like never before. Now the game has changed again, with cryptocurrencies as part of the landscape. If you’re building an app that involves money, Adobe XD is an all-in-one design and prototyping tool that can help you create your vision, especially with UI elements from our latest free kit.

UX designer and developer Oykun Yilmaz has created the Cooin UI Kit for Adobe XD to arm you with everything you need to quickly and effectively create a personal financial services app. Download Cooin for free here, and give it a try this weekend with some helpful tips from the designer below.

Getting started with the Cooin UI Kit in Adobe XD

Here are the quick steps you should follow to get started with Adobe XD and the Cooin UI Kit:

Oykun’s top tips for building a cryptocurrency/financial services app with the Cooin UI Kit

Top design considerations for working with cryptocurrencies

The word cryptocurrency may be heard by many people, but not everyone understands it. Because of this, people are inevitably confused and cautious.

We, as designers, should keep this in mind when designing applications that connect average users to this complicated world. We should design simple and familiar user experiences with clean and friendly user interfaces that make people feel comfortable and secure while using the product.

It is important to simplify the experience and interface as much as possible, and help people easily engage with this new digital currency concept.

Designing an app that uses money

It may sound cliche, but keep it simple. It is okay to go experimental with unusual animations for an entertainment app that is targeted primarily for young ages, but when it comes to dealing with money, it should be easy to understand and quick to use. Users should feel in complete control with the app.

Apps that deal with money are used by everybody from every age, background, location, etc. Accessibility and simplicity play important roles. We can achieve that by following some simple rules such as: using familiar/easy-to-read font families, keeping things high contrast for good readability in any light conditions, and keeping UX simple with as few clicks required as possible.

Designing data visualizations in apps

If your app is for a finance professional, you know they will expect to see detailed tables and charts that give as much information as possible. However, if it is for an average user, simpler visualizations with limited data are better. Here are some best practices when visualizing data:

Designing a digital wallet

As a common rule, it’s important to make your users feel secure and 100 percent in control while using your application. Primary actions should be clear, and it is important to use the right spacing and font size for your currency section since some currencies typically use more digits than others (for example, $100 vs. ¥10,000).

Designing for payments and money transfers

Create as few steps as possible to complete a transfer. It’s good to keep up with the latest technologies to make this happen. In today’s fast-moving world, people are impatient, and completing a money transfer should not take 10 steps, especially with technologies such as fingerprint scan and face scan on smartphones. Make use of single digital currency codes and make sure they only need their email address to make a transfer.

About Oykun Yilmaz

Oykun Yilmaz is a London-based multidisciplinary designer with more than 15 years of experience. He works on digital products from idea to prototype, design, and release phases. He started his career as a full-stack developer, but a passion for digital and print media drew him to product design for clients from start-ups to very established brands. He’s also the curator of design inspiration sites UIJar.com and MinimalStuff.com.

Oykun is still a hobbyist developer and a serial maker of side projects as well. At the heart of all his creations is a commitment to building digital products that prioritize simplicity and beauty.

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