Punching Above Their Weight

Image courtesy of Hugo & Marie.

One of the reasons the offbeat creative agency Hugo & Marie works is because the husband and wife team of Jennifer Marie Gonzalez and Mario Hugo know each other’s strengths. Mario is the dreamer, and Jennifer is the one who keeps the business running.

Of course, the other reason it works is because of the amazing and inspiring content the team produces. With a culture inspired by art, the Hugo & Marie team puts a huge amount of heart and craft into their work. Projects range from product packaging and video games to e-commerce websites and films for clients including Stella McCartney, Coldplay, Nike, Rita Ora, and Google.

“We’ve always felt this real need to punch above our weight,” says Jennifer. “Having a level of efficiency with the tools and the software is everything to a small business like ours.”

Image courtesy of Hugo & Marie.

Since its founding in 2008, the studio has been a dynamic user of Adobe creative apps. With its latest implementation of Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, Hugo & Marie has a central way to access software and provide both employees and freelancers with their own licenses.

Another benefit of working with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is access to the team’s new go-to app, Adobe XD. After one of the designers recommended it, the team immediately became enamored with the ability of Adobe XD to support their collaborative design process, which typically includes multiple iterations.

“One of the great things about Adobe XD CC is that it consolidates every single aspect of the process into a single platform—from sketching to production, refining, publishing, commenting, and feedback from the client,” says Pedro Gonçalves, Senior Designer, Hugo & Marie. “We no longer need to upload images, sync fonts, or make sure we are using the most up-to-date link, because Adobe XD CC does it all.”

Using the preview function, designers and clients can view artboards that automatically rescale to mimic different devices, while the rapid prototyping capabilities help designers visualize how different pages interact. For review and approval, they simply send the client a link, and even projects as large as a website with hundreds of pages can be viewed easily from any device.

“With responsive web design, it is now the norm to create previews for different screen and device sizes, which was not the case a few years ago,” says Fanny Nordmark, Senior UX Designer at Hugo & Marie. “Adobe XD CC helps us keep up with the rapid pace of change in both design and development.”

As Hugo & Marie continues to evolve, Adobe Creative Cloud for teams and Adobe XD are helping maintain the balance between creativity and efficiency that both defines and differentiates the agency.

To learn more about Hugo & Marie’s use of Adobe XD read the story and watch the video.