Adobe Empowers Brands to Deliver Fluid Experiences

Consumers lead busy lives, constantly on the go and changing devices and channels to get what they want, when they want it. We’ve come to expect experiences that make the most of our time and expect these experiences instantly. Meaning brands must deliver fluid experiences that are highly personalized and connected to wherever consumers interact.

This is precisely how we help brands with Adobe Experience Manager. Today we’re announcing new innovations in Experience Manager that further enable flexibility, speed and scale to manage and deliver personalized experiences across touchpoints.

Advancements for marketers & developers

Traditional content management systems ( CMS) are unable to manage content for channels beyond websites (e.g. mobile, social and IoT) – a critical gap. CMSs that only offer a “headless” option rely on developers to build a custom presentation layer and manage the updates. Yet, marketers’ focus must be the end experience, versus learning to code to leverage a headless CMS. And developers want freedom to develop front-end applications without urgent content changes from marketers. New capabilities in Experience Manager address this by:

Innovations for IT professionals

Security and privacy are paramount for any brand. This is precisely why Adobe has always been laser-focused on delivering enterprise grade security, tools and best practices for IT operations. Today, we’ve introducing new capabilities that enable IT professionals to:

Experience Manager is driving tangible business results

Exceptional experiences across all interactions are so vital that they can make or break your business. But don’t just take our word for it that Experience Manager offers true business value: IDC recently conducted a study of seven Experience Manager customers, unveiling that the participating brands garnered average 348 percent ROI over three years and $2.2 million more in revenue per year over five years (more here). How’s that for business value?

We encourage you to dive into our new Experience Manager capabilities further here. And for those of you attending EMEA Summit, check out our sessions focused on content & experience management.