EMEA Summit: Make Experience Your Business

Today Adobe kicked off EMEA Summit in London, Europe’s largest Digital Business Conference. Experience Makers continue to be our focus, as with Summit 2018 in Las Vegas just over a month ago. Experience Makers are the people focused on transforming teams, processes and the use of technology, with the unified goal of transforming their organizations into experience-led businesses.

At EMEA Summit we’re announcing new innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud that help Experience Makers deliver exceptional customer experiences. These include capabilities we’re rolling out to customers, as well as forward-looking innovations. To arm Experience Makers with the insights needed to make experience their business, we’re also unveiling findings from a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe. It’s focused on how experience-driven businesses drive stronger business performance.

Delivery of fluid experiences in Adobe Experience Manager

New capabilities for marketers and developers in Experience Manager further enable flexibility, speed and scale to manage and deliver personalized experiences. They empower marketers to increasingly focus on the end experience by reducing dependency on developers. And developers benefit from the freedom to develop front-end applications without dealing with marketers’ urgent content changes. Additionally, Experience Manager is rolling out new capabilities to help IT operations quickly customize websites and reduce risks. See more here.

Technology previews

At EMEA Summit we’re previewing forward-looking technology coming out of our R&D labs. These technology previews often become part of future Adobe product offerings and illustrate the power of AI and machine learning in amplifying human intelligence. These AI-powered projects help brands:

Forrester Consulting: Unlock ROI as an experience business

Every company talks about customer experience, yet there’s a major gap: Only 31% are truly experience-driven businesses, according to a new study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Adobe, “The Business Impact of Investing in Experience,” April 2018.

The study examines if experience-driven businesses have better business performance. Unsurprisingly the research found experience businesses have 1.6x higher brand awareness, 1.5x higher employee satisfaction, 1.9x higher average order value, 1.7x higher customer retention, 1.9x return on ad spend and 1.6x higher customer satisfaction rates. More information about Forrester’s findings and advice to become an Experience Business can be found in this CMO.com article and the full study.

ROI_Amazing Experiences Infographic_FINAL

Experience League: Progress from experience thinker to experience maker** **

At U.S. Summit we launched Experience League, an enablement program with guided learning to help Experience Makers get the most out of Experience Cloud. U.S.-based customers have been quick to leverage our step by step guides for best practice strategy, integration how-to’s and more. Today we’re excited to announce the European roll-out of Experience League. Check out Experience League, as we’ll continue to rollout more content and programs.

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