Five FREE UI Resources for Adobe XD

Whether you’re designing an app or website experience, nothing beats a well-planned and well-executed user interface, especially if it has elements that delight the user. That’s why we’ve been working with top user experience (UX) designers across the globe to generate diverse and dynamic user interface (UI) resources for Adobe XD. We’re releasing five more free UI resources to help you take your concept to design in no time. Don’t have Adobe XD? Download it for free with our Starter Plan.

Follow the links below to download each one, and read a little a bit about the designers behind the resources and the thinking that drove the UI they created. And for everything you need to get started working with UI kits on Adobe XD, check out our full list of tools and resources.

MentorMe UI Kit

Designer: Daniel White

Not everyone can be lucky enough to have a great career mentor, and that’s the reason designer Daniel White created the MentorMe UI Kit. It’s a variety of screen designs, assets, and icons centered around connecting students with mentors. White says the kit is designed to create an app that can pair a user with a trusted advisor who can support their long-term growth and development.

Download the Mentor Me UI Kit

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Daniel White started his career as a graphic designer and now specializes in user interface and experience design. He’s also a successful educator and YouTuber, where he’s cultivated his personal brand and helped many aspiring creatives develop their skills. He’s passionate about sharing his experience as a creative professional to teach and inspire generations of designers from all around the world.

Designer Marketplace UI Kit

Designer: Zhenya Rynzhuk

This UI kit is built to help users create fashion editorial, as well as designer marketplace, apps, and websites. It features elements for a homepage, product grid, single product page, and blog. It contains unique imagery created by designer Zhenya Rynzhuk, and effectively plays with typography, non-standard grids, whitespace, and editorial photos to allow you to build a unique and effective marketplace app.

Download the Designer Marketplace UI Kit

Zhenya Rynzhuk is an art director, design judge, and co-founder of the Sochnik Design Thinking School. She’s deeply passionate about visual and product design, mobile and web projects, as well as branding, typography, and animations. She brings a fresh perspective to UX/UI design, thanks to her background in architecture and urban design.

Allumi Icon Set

Designer: Creative Mints

Allumi is an icon set for Adobe XD that serves as a “constructor,” allowing users freedom and flexibility by mixing and matching its elements. Rather than a simple set of glyphs, it allows you to add or remove details from the icon. Acclaimed designer Creative Mints says he was inspired to create it because of his love of open-ended flight tickets, and his goal is to empower designers with that level of freedom to go wherever they want.

Download the Allumi Icon Set

Allumi was designed by Mike at Creative Mints, Dribbble’s top designer for the past four years and an artist not afraid to experiment with new techniques. He is a multidisciplinary designer with experience in graphic design, web design, identity, character, and package design.

Restaurant Icon Set

Designer: Ana Miminoshvili

The Restaurant Icon Set for Adobe XD consists of 15 single-shaped pictograms centered around everyone’s favorite subject: food. Designers can use these icons when they’re building menu apps, food delivery service products, and more. The icons are all based on simple geometric shapes, with circles and round corners defining their unison. As designer Ana Miminoshvili says, “they’re so cute you’ll want to eat them!”

Download the Restaurant Icon Set

Ana Miminoshvili is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at TSAA. While she was still a student, she started taking her first steps in being part of the creative industry. Ana is passionate about finding and crafting visual solutions in both illustration and design.

Animal Icon Set

Designer: Steve Wolf

This one is for the animal lovers. Designer Steve Wolf has crafted 20 common animal icons. Each is designed with simplicity in mind, focusing on each animal’s most notable features in a way that makes them instantly recognizable. This icon set is designed for a variety of uses. Thanks to the bold, clean portrait of each animal, they can be used for nearly any project you have in mind.

Download the Animal Icon Set

Steve Wolf is a designer, illustrator, and design speaker. His logo design and branding work are focused on effortlessly conveying simplicity and sophistication. Alongside his wife, Danielle, he runs a graphic design studio in Austin.

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