Available Today: Accurate Attribution with Advertising Analytics

For many brands, paid search remains one of the most valuable and reliable ways to reach new customers and retain existing ones; an estimated $92.4 billion was spent in 2017 alone on paid search ads. While the value is clear, many organizations still struggle with obtaining a holistic view of search performance that ultimately influences strategy, given the incorporation among many different sites and sources.

Today Adobe is expanding the integration between Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud with Advertising Analytics for Paid Search, a first-of-its-kind way for organizations to understand the efficiency of their search advertising investment by combining offsite advertising intent in context with relevant digital property engagement data within Adobe Analytics. This includes integrations with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Gemini and Bing Ads, with brands finally being able to understand the value of accurate attribution.

Organizations can now get insight into impressions, clicks, cost as well as average position and quality score directly within Adobe Analytics. From there, this data can be leveraged within Adobe’s Analysis Workspace, the flexible canvas that merges creativity and data. Brands can get as high-level, or granular as needed with drag-and-drop analysis, leveraging new reports and workspaces for advertising dimensions such as accounts, campaigns, groups, ads, keywords and match types which can all be combined with post-click activity. Transparency, combined with time saved, will breathe new life into paid search strategy and ROI improvements.

Adobe Analytics is the only way for brands to have a complete breakdown of their data to get a full picture of digital behavior. For example, a retailer runs three campaigns on Google, Yahoo! and Bing focused on big-screen TVs leading into Super Bowl Sunday, and wants to track the success. The retailer can see in one single place which campaign is generating the most impressions and click activity, and tie these results with existing data such as cart additions, checkouts and revenue – by target audience. This is truly the only way the retailer can accurately connect the purchase of a big-screen TV to paid search behavior, given the analysis is able to generate accurate ROI vs. simple vanity metrics.

The launch of Advertising Analytics for Paid Search complements robust integrations already in place between Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud. For example, clients that use Adobe Advertising Cloud Search can put Adobe Analytics insights to work in optimizing campaigns, with performance optimization, performance forecasting, and spend recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei. Advertisers can also target paid search ads with audiences from Adobe Analytics.

Brands today don’t have the luxury of any estimation when it comes to ensuring the customer experience is stellar; especially with the advance of social media – organizations are under the gun to provide the best experience. Data is essential to helping these brands understand which strategies are resonating with their customers, and which are falling flat. While traditionally paid search has been analyzed essentially in a silo, Adobe’s Advertising Analytics for Paid Search helps to orchestrate a marketing campaign more effectively with data-driven decision making.

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