Meet Auditor: Scan, Understand, and Improve your Adobe Implementation

Get more value from your Adobe Experience Cloud investment.

The accumulation of technologies required to deliver compelling web-based experiences is both a benefit and a burden. On one hand, brands have a vast array of technology options that can deliver just about any experience they can conjure. On the other hand, these technologies are often complex and increasingly interdependent — which makes proper implementation difficult.

Adobe products are no exception — until now. Auditor, powered by ObservePoint, is a new product built to help Adobe customers trust that their Adobe solutions are implemented properly, and delivering as much value as possible.

Auditor is available to all Adobe Experience Cloud customers. To access Auditor and run your first scan, visit Auditor’s login page.

What is Auditor?

Auditor is a product that was co-developed by Adobe and ObservePoint — experts in validating digital implementations. With Auditor, Adobe customers can:

**Understand implementations
**Auditor leverages ObservePoint’s expertise and technology to scan up to 100 web pages at a time for these Adobe technologies:

Once the scan is complete, Auditor generates a report card that helps brands understand where their implementation aligns with best practices, and where it doesn’t.

Improve implementations

Auditor goes beyond broad-stroke recommendations and tells you exactly what’s wrong with a specific implementation, the webpage where the issue was found, and then gives granular guidance on how to fix it.

Get more from your Adobe investment

Brands can have the best marketing and advertising technologies in the world, the best people to run them, but without high-quality implementations, brands will find themselves struggling to deliver compelling customer experiences.

Auditor helps brands get the most out of their Adobe investment by bringing transparency into whether or not their Adobe technologies are implemented correctly.

When these complex technologies are implemented properly, they work better together. When they work better together, brands are empowered to deliver top-notch experiences.

Run a scan now

1. Navigate to Auditor.

Login to Auditor here.

2. Click New Audit.

To run a scan, click New Audit in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Configure scan.

Name your audit, provide a starting URL, click Run Report, and wait for an email letting you know the audit is complete.

4. See results.

Click the link or navigate back to Auditor to see your results and recommendations on how to improve your implementation.