Adobe Advertising Cloud and TuneIn Integration Gives Advertisers New Ways To Target Audio Ads on Smart Speakers

Hear that? Digital audio just arrived. Over 180 million Americans are streaming music, live radio, and podcasts every month. There are more ways than ever to listen to audio content — from smart cars, to smartphones, to smart speakers, which are now used by nearly one in five Americans.

With so many smart devices, smart marketers are beginning to follow suit. But with so many options, it can be hard for advertisers to plan, buy, and measure digital audio advertising in all of its forms and incorporate it into a holistic cross-channel strategy. That’s why Adobe Advertising Cloud’s DSP launched automated, data-driven buying of digital audio ads last year with TuneIn.

TuneIn, the leading global streaming live audio service, is used by over 75 million listeners to access live sports, up-to-the-minute news, curated music, millions of podcasts, and over 120,000 streaming radio stations. Through Adobe Advertising Cloud’s On Demand marketplace, advertisers can now automate ad buys across TuneIn’s diverse array of content streamed across devices.

Driven by early success of the partnership, TuneIn and Adobe Advertising Cloud began testing new and emerging ad formats, like 15-second and 30-second digital video ads, earlier this year.

Today, Adobe Advertising Cloud announced that it is now also able to target digital audio ads on smart speakers across hundreds of TuneIn’s owned-and-operated stations. Content on the hosted and curated stations ranges from genre-based music (i.e., “Country Roads”) to mood-based content (i.e., “Yoga” or “Poolside”) to 24/7 live streaming of top music festivals, like San Francisco’s Outside Lands.

At launch, contextual targeting is available by device, station type, and multi-cultural segment. The ad format — 90-second audio ads, which run twice hourly on each station — enables advertisers to drive engagement in a less cluttered environment.

“Given the high caliber of our owned content and its popularity among users, we’re very strategic when it comes to ad integrations,” said Billy Hartman, vice president of global revenue and partnerships at TuneIn. “Adobe Advertising Cloud’s independence, lack of media ownership, and continued innovation make them a key partner — which is why we selected them to be the first to test ads targeting smart speakers.”