Better in Launch: Performance

Adobe Analytics performs faster when deployed through Launch vs being hard coded to a page. Launch is fast.

Since 2009, the average number of technologies that enterprises use on their website has increased by 10 times, while the average page weight has increased over 3.5 times. These two trends, if left alone, result in longer page load times, which by some estimates leads to a potential 1 percent loss in revenue for every 100-millisecond delay. This has culminated into an industry rally by IT and implementation managers to accelerate page performance and give brands the best chance to delight consumers and earn their business.

Compared to what’s available today, legacy tag managers like DTM are built on an antiquated architecture that’s ill-equipped to support adequate performance for web experiences.

Performance for today’s technology

Launch, by Adobe, is the premier technology to deploy both Adobe and third-party solutions to web pages.

Not only does Launch leverage the updated features of modern web browsers, but it was built from scratch to take advantage of current coding best practices. The underlying improvements in the Launch JavaScript engine extend far beyond a simple refactoring of the DTM JavaScript code. With Launch, we have seen a significant performance gain in the execution of client-side management functions as well as a general reduction in code weight. Here are just two of the highlights we found from our analysis:

Diving deeper

For an in-depth look at the technical intricacies that enable Launch, by Adobe, to maximize performance, read the white paper Adobe Experience Cloud Web Browser Technology Performance Overview, written by Launch’s chief architect and resident genius, Joel Stachowicz.

With Launch, IT professionals can deliver faster web pages without compromising experiences.

That’s why life is better with Launch.

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