Better in Launch: Production Testing

The Launch Command Chrome extension lets you test on production without publishing to production.

The Launch Command Chrome extension lets you test on production without publishing to production.

by Jon Viray

posted on 06-27-2018

As an implementation manager, your scope of responsibility is constantly growing. You may have originally been tasked with managing an analytics implementation, but now you’re expected to manage personalization platforms, a slew of marketing pixels, and even things that have nothing to do with client-side implementations. With so many balls in the air, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to operate efficiently.

The trouble with testing

To keep your digital ecosystem performing at its best, you need to be able to test it quickly and effectively in a staging environment that perfectly mirrors your production environment. But testing can be cumbersome and fraught with throwaway work. You can’t halt production just to test. And you can’t test without keeping both environments in sync, which can be time consuming and difficult. Yet testing is often a non-negotiable step before publishing to production, and this work, time, and effort are unavoidable. Or so it seems.

Run accurate tests faster

Launch Command is a Chrome extension that delivers a streamlined testing process—one that’s fast, easy, and always reflective of what’s on production, without the slightest deviation. Using Launch Command, you can toggle a switch in Chrome that reaches into Launch, grabs any development or staging library, and applies it locally (in your web browser, not on your production server) to your website. Install Launch Command now.

Implementation managers value Launch Command because now they can test what’s in development or staging quickly and accurately on production. This allows them to maintain uptime and meet the rapid-fire requests that come from the business without working weekends.

That’s why life is better with Launch.

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