Better in Launch: User Interface

Launch’s user interface is so intuitive it makes learning Launch straightforward.

by Jon Viray

posted on 06-27-2018

As the demands on marketers grow, the time they have to learn new software shrinks. Unfortunately, as companies progress through their digital transformations, you are being asked to learn a plethora of software, each with its own quirks. But you don’t have time to fumble around with unintuitive applications. The longer it takes for you and your colleagues to learn a piece of software, the longer it takes for your company to glean value.

Building a better tag manager

Before Launch, by Adobe, was released in late 2017, Adobe had a tag management system called DTM that had over 3,000 customers. After nearly three years of listening to these customers, the product team had a clear vision of how a next-generation tag management system would operate to meet their emerging needs.

After months and months of meticulously organizing each function of Launch, engineering took that blueprint and wrapped a beautiful user interface around it. Alpha testers were then invited to use Launch and give feedback, and the interface went through another round of improvement. Launch moved to beta testing where more feedback was received and yet another round of improvements was made.

It was only after all of this — three years of comprehensive customer feedback, two rounds of rigorous feedback, and countless improvements — that Launch was deemed worthy of being released to Adobe Experience Cloud customers. But the improvements don’t stop there. Launch receives monthly updates that will continue to refine the user experience.

An interface that makes sense

The result is an interface that enables users to create incredibly powerful deployment rules and manage multiple deployment libraries and environments more intuitively than ever before.

Launch, by Adobe, is a new product built with modern design principles to create a user interface that just makes sense. With Launch, you won’t need months, or even weeks, of training to begin seeing value. With a little instruction and some hands-on time with the technology, it won’t take long for you to see why life is better with Launch.

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