DMP Practitioners: It’s Your Turn to get Recognized

DMP practitioners are some of the most intelligent, strategic, and hardworking digital marketers in the industry. If you’re leveraging Audience Manager as your superpower, it’s time you get recognized. Enter Adobe’s AAM Insider Contest.

Introducing the AAM Insider Contest

We invite Audience Manager customers and Adobe technical resources to pair up and enter the inaugural AAM Insider Contest to showcase your leadership and expertise. How are you leveraging Audience Manager as a team to solve for innovative use cases across an enterprise? Share your story with us and you could be eligible for these amazing prizes, such as a free pass to Adobe Summit 2019 and more.

Online submissions must be received by August 3rd, 2018, 5:00pm PST to qualify. Three pairs will be selected as Finalists by August 10th, 2018. Finalists will present live at AAM Insider Tour on September 13th ,2018 in New York. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners will be determined live. Check out the AAM Insider Contest to get all the details.

It takes a team — Enter as a DUO

This DMP Guru Blog Post with Nina Caruso takes me back. I interviewed her four years ago for this piece and fast forward to today, she now is a thought leader in the industry, driving DMP thought leadership around the world. I’ve met many incredible trailblazers just like her at top brands as well. Katie Begandy, Manager of Digital Transformation at DICK’S Sporting Goods worked with me this year to share her thoughts on building an organizational foundation for a successful DMP practice. If you were at Adobe Summit this year, you may have seen Katie and Nina speak together, sharing their insights on building a DMP center of excellence. In that spirit, this contest requires an Adobe Technical representatives and customers to enter together. We invite our Adobe partners to also enter with customers as an Adobe Technical representative.

Meet the esteemed panel of judges

Judging criteria will include, but not be limited to, demonstration of advanced use cases (we all know the suppression use case), type of challenge resolved by the DMP (the more challenging the better), usage of interesting data types (for example, varied data types, call center data, IoT data), and extra credit when audience data from AAM is being shared with more than one team in order to truly democratize insights and provide business results. Here is what the judges are looking for, in their own words.

According to Nina Caruso, former Audience Manager consultant, “The DMP is a constantly evolving space where customers have a nearly unlimited amount of use cases and data that they can choose to activate. I’m excited to see which contestant brings the most unique data set to the table to leverage in their AAM practice and use cases.”

Kyle Morehouse, Head of Solution Consulting is looking to be inspired. “AAM is truly a platform and what makes a platform is the ability to support open ended use cases. Surprise us. Show us a way that you are using the DMP to create value today which none of us would have expected,” says Morehouse.

No one understands the pressures of the day to day demands of the DMP practitioner more than Jae Lee, who has taken on the charter of leading Audience Manager delivery practices and managing a team of consultants. Here is what he would like to see: “We’re in a 3rd revolution of DMP. Help shape and exploit the value of data driven marketing to a next iteration of DMP. Go beyond use-case and optimizations to feature AI, Machine Learning, 3rd Party Data Attributes, Data Science and Models. Become the outlier.”

Our lead product manager Ted Schuchardt has been a true visionary in the space and has been responsible for Adobe’s DMP product strategy over the years, also starting his career in Adobe Consulting. He has worked with customers who demand that Audience Manager constantly solve for more advance use cases. In his point of view, “The DMP just for marketing use cases right? Show us how that’s wrong. Share with us how your companies are using the DMP to craft personalized experiences for their customers.”

If you’re leveraging Audience Manager as your secret weapon, here is your opportunity to be a thought leader and share your story.

DMP practitioners are some of the most intelligent, strategic, and hardworking digital marketers in the industry. If you see yourself in this category, it’s your turn to get recognized. Enter Adobe’s AAM Insider Contest.