Storytelling with Smarter Tools

At IBC 2018, Adobe is revealing the next major releases of the Adobe video and audio tools, including new features and enhancements that accelerate motion graphics workflows, audio cleanup, color grading, character animation, 180 VR, and overall performance across applications. Spend less time on manual tasks so you can put more time into your craft. With smarter tools and flexible, connected workflows, Adobe gives you everything you need to turn your ideas into stories and bring them to the screen.

Practical AI for incredible creativity

Accelerate your creativity and turbocharge your productivity with Adobe Sensei features that automate tasks — without compromising creative control. New Characterizer transforms any style of art into a vivid, animated character that you can bring to life in Adobe Character Animator CC.

Make your audio sound better automatically with new Intelligent Audio Cleanup tools to remove noise or reverb from a recording in Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro. With Adobe Sensei features, such as Remix, Auto Ducking, Color Match, Auto Lip Sync, and Morph Cut, and Visual Search for Adobe Stock content, Adobe leads the professional video industry in practical applications for advanced technologies in the service of creativity.

Artistry meets efficiency: production tools for motion graphics

Only Adobe offers a complete toolset for architecting and amplifying brands through video, making sophisticated motion graphics available for almost anyone on almost any platform. Author-advanced Motion Graphics templates in After Effects, implement and customize content in Premiere Pro, source new professionally-designed templates on the Adobe Stock. Motion Graphics templates take video production far beyond what any other tools can do, bringing flexibility, efficiency, and creative power to artists and editors of all skill levels.

Introducing Project Rush: the editing platform that goes with you

Extend your editing platform with Project Rush (Beta), an all-new mobile app that lets you create and publish professional-quality video, including color, audio, and motion graphics. A common interface and background syncing make it easy to move between mobile devices and desktop systems. A shared architecture means you can open native Project Rush projects in Premiere Pro when you need to take your work to the next level. Built on core Adobe technologies from Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition, Project Rush gives you the power to capture, create, and deliver online content from almost anywhere.

Storytelling with color

The Lumetri tools turn color and light into an integral part of your editing experience, so you can refine your cuts and your color in the same creative environment. New Selective Color Grading tools in Premiere Pro and After Effects take the guesswork out of curve adjustments, and make accurate color correction easy and efficient.

Enable Display Color Management to auto-detect rec709, P3, and rec2020 displays and apply the corresponding color space on professional Windows 10 and macOS workstations.

Innovating in animation

Level up in After Effects with new tools for shaping and molding surfaces, compositing 3D elements, and easier, faster Expressions-driven animation workflows. Shape your artwork and define detailed, organic movements using Mesh Sculpting tools: new Puppet Tool pins that twist, bend, and scale to bring images to life. Depth Passes allow you to position 3D objects in space and add dimensional elements into video scenes more easily.

End-to-end workflows for 180 VR

Create content that puts your audience into the middle of the action — and jump into immersive video with new support for 180 VR, including optimized ingest, editorial, and effects for monoscopic and stereoscopic content. Output finished videos in the Google VR180 format for YouTube or other platforms.

Connecting all the dots with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud brings together your tools, your teams, and your media, giving a complete production platform for any kind of digital content. World-class design apps, like Photoshop, Adobe XD, and many others are all included – and integration comes standard. Find the shots and graphics you need faster with improved search in Adobe Stock. Organize your assets more efficiently with improvements to Creative Cloud Libraries. Collaborate more easily with colleagues around the world with new invite features in Team Projects. Extend your creative toolset with hundreds of third-party plug-ins, extensions, and optimized hardware integrations.

Explore the new Partner Finder to learn more about third-party integrations for the Adobe video and audio tools.