Celebrate Inktober with Adobe and Jake Parker

Drawing tools at the ready… This year’s Inktober is finally upon us. We’re partnering with the Inktober man himself, Jake Parker, to get your creative juices flowing.

Drawing tools at the ready — this year’s Inktober is finally upon us. All during the month of October, an explosion of artwork from artists around the world will be found across social media, and we’re partnering with the Inktober man himself, Jake Parker, to get your creative juices flowing. Later this month you’ll have a chance to win some sweet prizes just by joining in. See contest instructions.

Jake is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Utah. In 2009, he wanted a steady practice routine to improve his skills with ink, so he gave himself a daily challenge spanning the month of October: create a different drawing from a single-word prompt every day. The creative community caught on quickly, and Inktober became a worldwide drawing phenomenon.

There are no “rules,” but there are some helpful guidelines — experimenting with your process is key, and all mediums are fair game; try limiting the number of tools you use for each image to see how to make the most of artwork with just a few materials; mixing digital and traditional tools will often create amazing results. Check out the official Inktober website for more tips on how to begin. To spark your daily inspiration, here’s Jake’s official prompt list:

Notice anything different about the prompt list for October 15-17? We’ve collaborated with Jake to give you a special prompt list for Adobe MAX on those dates! Learn more about the Adobe MAX + Inktober contest below.

To add to the fun, our brush master Kyle Webster has also released a special Inktober-themed brush set for Photoshop and Sketch! You can now sync it to your CC Libraries.

Oh wait. There’s more! To celebrate Inktober, Jake will be joining us this year at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles to take part in the biggest creativity conference of the year! Between October 15 and October 17, he’ll be sharing his inking knowledge and taking over Adobe Drawing’s Instagram.

The Adobe MAX + Inktober Contest

Are you ready to get started? Create an inky artwork inspired by our prompts during MAX, and share it on social media using the hashtags #AdobeMAXcontest and #Inktober.

How to enter:

Share your submissions between Monday, Oct. 15 and Wednesday, Oct. 17 for a chance to win a Jake Parker Inktober artbook and a one-year Creative Cloud subscription. See the full terms and conditions.

Can’t decide where to begin? Try experimenting with Kyle Webster’s extensive library of Photoshop brushes, exclusively available to Creative Cloud subscribers. Don’t forget to check out Kyle’s special brush set for Inktober. If you’re drawing on an iPad, give our mobile drawing apps a try — Adobe Sketch, Draw, and Capture CC.

Check out Aaron Campbell‘s rendition of the MAX + Inktober prompts to get inspired.

“LIGHT” by Aaron Campbell

“BUILD” by Aaron Campbell

“CONNECT” by Aaron Campbell

We hope to see you at MAX this year!

Throughout October share your Inktober artwork with us on Adobe Drawing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook — be sure to tag us! We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.

Happy inking!