Sneak Preview: Content-Aware Fit in InDesign CC

With more than 75 million images placed into InDesign each month, we wanted to find an easier way to help designers place images in InDesign. Four years ago, our researchers began looking into how we can apply artificial intelligence to placing images.

Today we’re excited to show you the efforts of that research with a sneak preview of Content-Aware fit. This feature uses Adobe Sensei to help you place images into frames by automatically scaling and repositioning the image with the best parts of it displayed. With Content-Aware fit, images are automatically framed based on the context and focal point.

Here’s an example of an image placed in an InDesign document with different fitting options applied. Content-Aware fit recognizes the cabin as the focal point. Negative space is intentionally added to the final fitting to maintain the image composition.

Now with Content-Aware Fit you have another powerful way to place images.

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