A New Era of Adobe Document Cloud and Acrobat DC

Redefining what’s possible with PDF.

To appreciate just how far the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) has come over the last 25 years, let’s take a moment to consider the name itself.

PDF started out as a noun, but quickly became a verb. The adjective “portable,” an essential descriptor in the pre-internet era of 1993, doesn’t begin to capture all the rich capabilities of today’s PDF. The PDF is still portable of course, but it’s also editable, reviewable, reliable and sign-able. And it’s universal: in the last year alone, some 200 billion PDFs were opened in Adobe products alone. And we’re accelerating the pace of innovation in PDF and the role it will play for future generations.

Today, we’re announcing major advancements in Adobe Document Cloud and Acrobat DC, redefining what’s possible with PDF. This launch includes new PDF share and review services, dramatic enhancements to touch-enabled editing on tablets, and a redesigned way to send documents for signature with Adobe Sign, all built in to Acrobat DC.

It’s all about making it easier to create, share and interact with PDFs, wherever you are. New Adobe Sensei-powered functionality automates repetitive tasks and saves time, whether you’re scanning a document, filling out a form or signing an agreement. And all the new tools and services are included with an Acrobat DC or Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Let me touch on a few of my favorite features.

To begin, we’re rolling out a whole new Home view in Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC where I’ll be able to see all my PDFs in one place. I can review or edit a proposal on my iPad in a conference room (which is great because we all seem to spend a lot of time in conference rooms these days) or look at a report on my phone. This is another important step in helping us escape the confines of paper and move to fully digital document workflows.

I’m also excited about the new version of Adobe Scan, which allows you to scan business cards in multiple languages and add them to your mobile contacts. In addition to English, we’re starting off with five of my favorite languages – French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish — with more to follow. I also love how Adobe Sensei automatically cleans up and corrects images and text, making everything look great. Grazie mille, Sensei!

I’d also like to highlight the new share and review services in Acrobat DC. If your email inbox looks anything like mine, it’s filled with countless emails with attachments — different versions of the same document, circulated by multiple authors. Acrobat DC’s new review services streamlines the process for sharing documents and collecting feedback from any number of reviewers, across any device. Reviewers can comment and resolve feedback within the PDF itself and set automatic reminders to help stay on top of deadlines.

So those are just a few of the things I’m excited about. To read more about the powerful new updates and innovation in Acrobat DC, please check out Lisa Croft’s blog here. And to see how creatives can use Acrobat DC to streamline their content reviews, take a few minutes to read Paul Trani’s blog here.

Today marks an important step in our journey to transform what’s possible with PDF, with much more innovation to come. PDF is no longer just a thing; it’s a fundamental verb. So share it. Scan it. Sign it. PDF it!