All-New Acrobat DC Redefines What’s Possible with PDF

When it comes to personal technology, software and apps, we expect everything to integrate seamlessly and work perfectly, whether you’re on your phone, tablet or the web. And, more often than not, it does! Unfortunately, when it comes to software and apps for work, that experience is often less than optimal. Apps are built in silos, they don’t talk to each other, and they typically only work well in one environment, usually in a browser or on your laptop.

That’s why I’m thrilled about today’s announcement, and how Adobe is reimagining what’s possible with the PDFs that people work with every day. Today we’re announcing an all-new Adobe Acrobat DC with new tools and functionality across its connected apps, like Acrobat Reader and Adobe Scan. If you’re an Acrobat DC or a Creative Cloud member who subscribes to the All Apps plan, you have access to everything new in Acrobat DC right now, just by updating. Here’s what I’m most excited about:

One of my favorite new features in Acrobat DC is the new review service. I don’t know about you, but getting something reviewed or approved – a proposal, a set of slides, a creative treatment – when it involves multiple reviewers is super frustrating. I’ve spent way too much time chasing feedback over email, or in person, and trying to reconcile conflicting opinions across multiple versions is a nightmare. That’s all changing with the new review service tool. I can now send a PDF to any number of reviewers with a simple link. I can set reminders and deadlines to automatically keep reviewers on track and gather feedback in one connected online file without worrying about email attachments, version control, or a flooded inbox. My reviewers can access the document from any device and comment, highlight, draw, etc. without signing in or downloading any software. Since it is tailor-made for PDF reviews, it’s especially useful for designers and art directors who constantly send PDFs of their creative work out for feedback. Check out Paul Trani’s blog to see why Acrobat DC is one of the top three most used apps in Creative Cloud.

Another thing that always takes up way too much of my day is manually keeping track of where all my documents are in the approval process and staying on top of what I’m being asked to review from my co-workers. We’re solving that problem by introducing a completely redesigned Home view, across Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader, that acts as a central hub to keep track of all incoming and outgoing tasks – like files that I’ve shared for viewing or reviewing, documents I’ve sent out for signature, and anything that anyone has sent me to act on. Incoming tasks are shown at the top of my Home view as To Do cards and I immediately know what I need to do and by when. The recent files list is now smarter than ever. I just click on a recent file and I’m served up tools and services that I may want to work with – like combining files, editing, sharing, or sending out for signature. Now I can get real work done without navigating away from the Home view.

I mentioned earlier that Adobe is really focused on helping people do more with the PDFs that they work with every day. Sending PDFs around in email and printing them out just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’ve told you about how Adobe is streamlining PDF reviews and reimagining the Home view across Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader, but that’s not all. We’ve also added some great new functionality to our connected mobile apps that let you create, edit, fill and sign PDFs from wherever you are. Here’s what we’ve rolled out:

Phew! As I mentioned at the beginning, Adobe is truly embarking on a journey to reimagine what’s possible with PDF. Once known as a desktop tool for emailing and printing, today we’re delivering connected apps and service for scanning, signing, sharing, reviewing and editing on tablets. This is a big step forward for PDF and it’s all possible with a subscription to the all-new Acrobat DC. If you’re not an Acrobat DC or Creative Cloud member who subscribes to the All Apps plan, don’t feel left out. Take the all-new Acrobat DC for a test drive and check it out for yourself here.