Adobe Previews Project Aero

Augmented reality and the incredible future of storytelling.

Augmented reality (AR) is poised to change everything from the way we express ourselves to how we experience the world around us. Freed from the boundaries of the screen, AR literally transforms the entire world to a digital stage.

Whether you are a creative professional looking to take your artistic expression from beyond the screen, or a major enterprise looking to completely reimagine how customers interact with your brand and product experiences, we believe AR has the potential to be a true game changer.

However, while the creative community has been hearing about the potential of new immersive platforms, it’s been out of their reach. Each of these platforms require fundamentally different skillsets, with entirely new developer tools, programming languages and runtimes. For AR to truly go mainstream – there’s a need to solve both sides of the equation – authoring and delivery – within a consistent immersive design platform. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.

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What’s New with Project Aero

Today at MAX, I am excited to share more details about our vision and strategy for Project Aero, an integrated platform for AR, and also announce the official roll-out of the private beta. Our goal with Aero is to establish a new discipline for immersive design – blending the digital and physical worlds to empower creatives to easily craft high-quality AR experiences. This is just the first step in this journey and represents the start of our broader commitment to the new medium of AR experiences:

We’re Just Getting Started

From retail to entertainment to hospitality to travel and beyond, AR has the potential to transform and completely reimagine customer experiences. Adobe has always been a company that has embraced new storytelling mediums. Whether it’s print, PC, web or mobile shifts, we’ve always looked around the corner and built creative platforms for the future. We believe we’re now at a similar inflection point with AR as the next breakthrough medium.

This is an aspirational journey that we’re embarking on, and Project Aero is the first milestone in our mission to democratize the creation of immersive experiences. With the roll-out of today’s private beta build, we are excited to partner with the creative community on this transformative medium to make this vision a reality, where digital experiences take us beyond the screen and blend into the fabric of everyday life.